Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In recent times I've had more going on than I anticipated, magically-speaking!  To be honest, I'm tired of all my posts on Uncrossing, and I consider myself skooled on the practice...so I'm leaving it at that!  But in the meantime, here are things going on in my Sphere!

Strategic Sorcery: Behind On The Extracurricular Stuff

Right from the start of the course, I have meant to do so much more than the bare minimum.  There are all kinds of wonderful things that I get ideas for from the lessons...but do I put them into practice?  No-o-o-o.  Here is a list of things, just off the top of my head, that I could/should be doing for...well, course enrichment, I guess:

  • Trip to my local art museum to use pore-breathing to take some essence of beauty.
  • At same art museum, go to their art gardens and begin a friendship with the Genius Loci by giving it an offering.
  • Work with my energy channels, running different kinds of energy through them.
  • Connecting with, and channelling, different kinds of energy from different sources.
  • Actually practice the thought management exercises.
  • Work on dream recall again so I can *maybe* start doing Oneiric Sorcery.

Despite this, my regular practice is still going.  I had a long lapse in meditation for a while, but I'm working on it.

The Magical Equivalent Of Baking Stuff For Friends All The Time

I'm starting to feel like a Sorcerer For Hire...but less on the Hire part.  As in, I'm not getting paid.  It's all fine and dandy for me, though.  For so many years as a Wiccan I always offered to work magic for people, because I wanted to get the practice.  Well, most of the time I only got half-hearted agreements or defensive dodginess.  After years of that I mostly stopped offering.

Well, no more of that!  Now I have friends asking me to lend them magical assistance!  So far I have or have had requests for the following:

  • Attraction and/or compelling work for a friend to draw more fandom to her budding music.
  • Employment work for an out-of-work friend.
  • Road-opening work for a friend in her efforts at producing her own music album (I'm surrounded by musical people).
  • Road-opening work for a friend to help him transfer to another location in the store chain he works for.

And that's all on top of the work I have planned for myself!  Speaking of which...

Pulling Myself Up By The Bootstraps

I have a good amount of work planned for myself.  For starters, since I did my Uncrossing and got all that mess taken care of, it is time to work on my finances!  I will be working with both Jupiterian and Mercurial forces to help me get my finances under control and moving in a positive direction.

In addition, I am going to work on my fitness goal, romance, finding a good apartment for when my lease is up, and maybe other things I can't remember right now!  It's all mundane stuff, but it is very much needed mundane stuff.

But something has been bugging me lately...

The Call Of The Angel

I have a confession: In the past year I've kind of looked down on magic for spiritual development and self-development.  I just think that magic makes for a bad system of psychology.  I spent years practicing all this spiritual magic while my life fell apart around me, and then I suddenly found myself in a hole, alone and unable to get out, with what little practical magic I did backfiring on me.  Where was the usefulness in all that spiritual development then?

Up until recently that has pretty much been my point of view.  I've had this laserlike focus on practical magic while paying lip service to my spiritual side.  But it's been nagging at me.  It's like on some deep level my Angel is calling to me, and ignoring it is uncomfortable.

So, for that reason, I'm altering my focus a tad.  While my focus is still on practical magic, I recognize the importance of the spiritual side of magic...the Theurgy, if you will.  Jason Miller places importance on both the Spiritual and the Mundane, and I thought I had balanced myself between the two.  I was wrong, and so I'm going to work on that.

My current spiritual goal?  Attain the Knowledge & Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel.  I'm going to do this through techniques given by Rufus Opus.  I'll expand more on this later, once I can put a good solid summary of it together.  For now, I'll just say that I intend on gaining initiation and integration of the four elements via their archangels, and then I'm going to go through the same with the planets.  Along the way, I'm going to work with my Genius to attain the K & C.

Admittedly, I don't just want to do this for its own sake.  I want it to help me be a better person, and moreover a better sorcerer!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Uncrossing Another: Final Update

It's been a few days since the end of my roommate's Uncrossing, and I've seen enough to judge that the operation was definitely successful, beyond what my divinations said.  Without going into too much detail, he's been in a really bad state for more than a month.  This past week he has been making progress in leaps and bounds.  Apparently he was anyway, but it became openly apparent since the Uncrossing.

He reported that he has continued to dress himself with the Uncrossing/FWoP/VanVan-combination oil everyday.  Between my own results with it and his, I'm starting to see the kind of influence that combination of oils has, and I'm impressed!  In fact, if I am required to do another uncrossing on anyone in the future, I might use this combo instead of straight Uncrossing oil!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh, How I Love The Sorcerous Blog-o-Sphere!

At this point, there is one thing that I consider to be the absolute best thing to happen to my magical path in several years:  The Magical Blog-o-Sphere!

Starting back in December-ish, I started coming across various blogs from individuals such as Jason Miller, Brother Moloch, Dhr. Balthazar, and many others.  Since then the number of blogs I've been following has exploded, and I can't be more grateful.

The best part, I'm finding more all the time.

The latest addition to my list, which I'm enjoying so much that I'm including it in the "Also Check Out" sidebar of this blog, is Frater Serpentis et Aquila at The Hermit's Lantern.

So, dear readers, if you like my blog, check his stuff out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uncrossing Another: Follow-Up

Last night concluded the third day of my roommate's uncrossing.  I did improve my technique with the egg cleansing, and it went very well.  One interesting thing I noticed is that this time the 4" offertory candle had a flame that was large for that size of candle, and it burned down faster than normal.  I know the traditional meaning of such an omen, which is why I find it so interesting.  I ended up taking it to mean that a large amount of power was being spent on the intent because the condition had already broken (ie There was nothing to break so the spell was just burning out).

Later on I did a pendulum divination and tarot card reading to see if he was still under any crossed conditions.  I used a tarot spread that I created, as far as I know (which I will detail on here soon enough).  When asked "Is (the name of my roommate) under any crossed conditions?" the pendulum seemed confused, and then eventually swung to indicate "No".

The tarot card reading basically gave the same answer, but also advised that he's recovering and is well-fortified now.

So, the uncrossing with the egg cleansing?



The uncrossing operation done on my roommate has been an enlightening experience in a rather particular (and for me, particularly amusing) way.  See, my roommate has always been fascinated by fictional magic and witchcraft, and has been open to the idea of working magic in real life.  However, passing interest and the classic "candle magic as a cathartic tool" exercise have usually been the extent of his interest in real-life magic, even though he is if nothing else open-minded.

So when I offered to do an uncrossing on him, he accepted and went along with it.  It could be due to the fact that I've always practiced magic alone, but during the workings his role was basically to sit there, maybe carve the candle, and have the operation worked on him.  After the working on the second day, I followed up with him about his experience with the operation thus far and its effect, if any.  His response was, "Well, it's all very pretty...but it's kinda boring."

I was by no means offended by his remark.  In fact, I found it quite interesting and talked to him about it some more.  Even though I annoyed myself by going into explanation mode, I gained some insight from that short discussion.  My roommate's point of view on it being boring, he explained, comes largely from the fact that religion in general bores the hell out of him.

That discussion got me thinking a little bit.  See, there are a lot of reasons more people don't practice magic.  Some are morally opposed to it.  For some, the study and effort to cultivate the skills needed just doesn't agree with them, so they'd rather have it worked for them.  Maybe they dip a toe in here and there.  Still others are afraid it will really work well, and some just straight don't believe in it.  Despite all the reasons, I felt like there was one more common one that I was missing, and I think my roommate hit on it.

Despite the pretty trinkets and candles, the flowery speeches and invocations...the baseline acts of magic are, well...kind of boring, anticlimactic.  I guess I can liken it to one of those cases where it's one thing to experience it, but when you're just watching it...booooring!  It's easy to understand why that would be: someone simply watching would not see the mental, energetic and spiritual processes going on right in time with the physical actions.  They wouldn't feel the emotions and intent put forth through the invocations, and wouldn't feel the subtle shift in their minds afterward.  On top of that, you get through all those invocations, speeches, actions, etc, and then...what?  You have a lit candle on an ornate table, perhaps.  Or you are seen to stare into a black mirror for over 30 minutes apparently conversing with...thin air?

I can't believe I never realized that before now!

But what should be done about it?  To be honest, I don't think a lot can be done.  I guess what I would do when working with a client is to get them as involved as they are comfortable with.  When prepping a candle for them, have them carve it and hold it for a while impressing their intent on it.  Talk to them while you're doing a bulk of opening work and invocations.  Let them know what's going on.  It can be fun, or at least involving.

And of course, magic is far from boring to me!  ;-p

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uncrossing Another

Back when I uncrossed myself, I was concerned about the possibility of some remnant of the crossed condition passing to my roommate.  In the wake of the working, events transpired that led me to take stock of his situation and follow up with divinations.  After all was said and done, it turned out that he was indeed suffering under a crossed condition.  But contrary to my fears, it was not caused by fallout from my uncrossing.  I won't go into details about what my divinations reported as the cause, because I have very little information and it ties back into my own uncrossing.

I guessed (correctly) that my roommate wouldn't really want to do the full process that I used before, namely the spiritual bath.  He was cool with the rest of it, though, so I decided to use a technique I've heard a lot about previously: The Egg Cleansing.

Momma Starr talks about it on her site, and the technique seems pretty easy and adaptable.  We're on the second day of my roommate's uncrossing, and I can tell it's been working so far.  Here is the technique:

Egg Uncrossing

  1. I began as I usually do with my workings: the Universal Center, the Pillar exercise, and the Invocation of the Agathodaimon.  By doing this I become centered, connect to Ouranic ("Heavenly") and Chthonic ("Earthly") sources of power, and then call on what is essentially my Angel.
  2. Next I establish a Zone.  In this case, I make an offering to the spirits of the area, asking them to vacate.  Then, I do a banishment of the area and follow it with casting the Adamantine Temple, a Zone Rite (read, type of circle casting) taught by Jason Miller in his Strategic Sorcery course.  Normally one would do this over just the working area, but I did it over the entire apartment.
  3. With the Zone established, I do an invocation of Hekate and Helios.  For Hekate, I use an invocation by Jason Miller.  For Helios, I use the first half of a deliverance prayer in the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM I. 195-222).
  4. I give an offering to Hekate and Helios.
  5. Next comes the candleburning.  This time I decided to go with 4" offertory candles that are black instead of white.  Black has connotations of protection and jinx-breaking, so I thought I would experiment.  Since this work was for my roommate and he was sitting right next to me, I gave him the candle and had him carve his name from base to tip on one side, and the word "Uncross" on the other side in the same direction.  After handing it back to me, I dressed the candle from base to tip with Uncrossing Oil.  Then I took a few minutes to channel Ouranic power from the Pillar into the candle, patterning it to uncross as I did so.  Then, I set it in its holder, held my hands over it in the Triangle of Manifestation gesture, and recited the rest of the prayer from PGM I. 195-222, re-worded slightly to specifically deliver him from his crossed condition.  Finally, I lit the damn thing!
  6. With the candle burning, I took a pinch of Uncrossing Incense and sprinkled it on the charcoal block in my censer (I did mention lighting one of those already, right?).  Once that started smoking, I had my roommate stand up and I wafted the smoke around him.  With that done, I had him go lie down on the couch while I did the next step.
  7. Time to consecrate the egg!  I took a normal grocery-quality egg I left out until room temperature, and wafted it through the smoke of the incense.  Then, holding it and channeling more Ouranic power from the Pillar, I consecrated it with these words, "By the name of the most high, IAO, I consecrate this egg to the purpose of uncrossing.  May it draw out sickness and evil.  May it draw out, lift, and break all baneful conditions.  May it lift all crosses. This I charge, in the name of the most high, IAO."  I puncuated this by anointing the egg with uncrossing oil.
  8. Taking the egg and a clean glass of water over to where my roommate lay, I proceeded to make small crosses in the air a little above him.  While doing so I chanted a cleansing prayer to Hekate and Helios by Jason Miller, re-wording it slightly to be appropriate for use with an egg (the original refers more to a spiritual bath).  In this case, I forgot the exact instructions from Momma Starr and did not make three passes with the egg!  I guess this is an "Oops" situation, but so far it hasn't seemed to cause a detriment.  But since there is one day left of this 3-day operation, I will be able to do it right the last time.  Once I had done the front, I had him turn over and I did the back side, focusing on the back of his neck.  With that done, I cracked the egg open into the glass of water and let it sit for a bit before I took it to the bathroom and flushed it all down the toilet.
  9. Before beginning this operation, I mixed up another small bottle of the daily anointing oil I've been using everyday.  After all the other steps in the working, I had him dress himself with the oil.  Specifically, I had him anoint his feet, wrists, heart, crown and the back of his neck.

And that was it.  Afterward, I cleaned up, thanked the deities, and took down the Adamantine Temple.  After this I did a spiritual cleansing on myself and dressed myself with my daily anointing oil.

Early on, my divinations told me that only three days were needed, and so that's the length of the operation.  Today is the third day, and will be completed tonight.  So far I've seen signs of improvement, two of them pretty drastic...but I'm still skeptical.  Immediately following this uncrossing, I'll work some protection on him and them some road-opening.

On top of helping my roommate like this, another friend of mine approached me asking for help with drawing more fans and listeners for her music.  So far I'm thinking of a combination of attraction work and compelling work...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update and Miscellaneous Stuff

I've been continuing with the practice of dressing myself with a daily anointing oil that I mentioned at the end of my post titled 'Maintenance As A First Step'.  It seems to be working so far, and the light I set for general success and wellbeing a week ago kicked everything off nicely.

What's even better is that the component oils that went into my anointing oil seem to work wonderfully together. I never got this kind of result when I regularly anointed myself with the FWoP and Uncrossing oils.  Honestly, I think it's the VanVan that does it.  Not only does it provide a barrage of good things, it empowers other things.

In other news, in my cycle of the Strategic Sorcery course, we recently covered tools as part of the lesson series on materia.  Rather serendipitously, a friend of mine suddenly had a staff he wanted to give me.  He gave me his own tips on materials to use for its empowerment, and upon research they made sense!  Once I do its consecreation, I'll post it here.

Without going into detail as to why I needed or wanted some, I recently went through the process of obtaining graveyard dirt.  I did it in a traditional way.  I went to a cemetary equipped with some whiskey and three pennies.  I stopped in the midst of the graveyard and asked aloud if there was anyone willing to help me with the nature of the work I wanted the dirt for.  I felt drawn to the area around a particular headstone.  Once there I dug out some dirt, placed the pennies and whiskey, and covered it back up with some grass.  Then I used Jason's offering technique with those as the physical basis.

After doing that I got an impression that I could have taken more than the single handful I took.  It was almost like I got a reaction of generosity after the offering!  But what I took is all I will need for now.

In the near future, I will be doing an uncrossing on someone else.  I'm going to do it differently this time, as I don't think the person involved would want to do the typical spiritual bath like I did.  I'm going to do an egg cleansing, similar to what I saw on Momma Starr's site.  I'm also thinking of including hand and feet washing.

TL;DR - Daily anointing is EFFECTIVE! I got a staff and some graveyard dirt! I will do a different uncrossing in the near future.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Empowering the VanVan

The post just before this one displayed the recipe I used to make my own VanVan oil, but I’d like to go ahead and post about how I empowered it.  From what I’ve read and researched of conjure, it seems that the common way to empower oils (or anything else for that matter) is to pray over it.  Going with a method more in line with Strategic Sorcery, I also add in energy work.  For the prayers and invocations themselves, I tend to draw from more Pagan-oriented sources.  Those who read this blog regularly would have noted my use of material from the Greek Magical Papyri in workings described in previous posts.  All in all, I take (what I hope is) an eclectic approach that is responsible and syncretic.

One thing I think I should note is that I took an approach inspired by Dhr. Balthazar while empowering this oil (I seem to be drawing inspiration and quotes from him a lot lately).  In his post about how he made his All Things Under My Feet condition oil, he lays out how he empowered it.  I used the technique of fixing three candles and setting them around the oil to lend their fire (and thus power) to it.

With all that said, on with the technique!

1. Universal Center
2. Pillar Exercise
3. Invocation of the Agathodaimon
4. Invocation/Empowerment - For this, I drew from the Greek Magical Papyri again, specifically PGM V. 459-489, as given in Stephen Flowers’ book ‘Hermetic Magic’.  It’s a general magical invocation, and according to Flowers’ version, the magician would state the magical effects they desired at the end of it.  While reciting it, I made the Triangle of Manifestation gesture over the bottle of oil, drawing power from the Pillar, patterning it to the purpose of the oil.  At the end of the invocation, I added the following:

“Lay your blessing upon this oil.  Consecrate it and grant it powers thus:
That it shall drive away evil;
That it shall break any ill spell and remove any baneful condition;
That it lay down a mantle of protection;
That it open all roads and avenues to success;
That any amuletic or talismanic object touched by it will be made more potent;
That it draw love and affection, lust and romance;
That it bring plenty, abundance, prosperity;
That good fortune and serendipity are its blessings to give.
So shall it be.”

Of course, at the conclusion of the whole thing, I pushed the energy into it.  After this, I took a hand-torn square of brown paper and wrote the above portion of the invocation on it, setting it under the bottle of oil.
5. Setting Lights Around The Oil - Using the VanVan oil, I anointed and fixed three white tealights to lend power to the oil.  Then, I set them around the oil in a triangle formation, and it each one, going clockwise.  I let these burn down around the oil, chanting the Song of the Serpent for a little while before leaving them to burn.

After the candles burned out, I checked the oil and could tell it was most definitely ready!  There was a tingle to it between my hands, and it has seemed to have a positive effect on me everytime I’ve worn it so far.


Since I mentioned my blend of VanVan oil in my last post, and since its use is going to be mentioned in an upcoming post, I wanted to go ahead and make one describing my formula of it.  The reason I went ahead and made my blend is the same reason I've made my own blends of all my oils so far: I can't afford to buy online, and I happen to have most of the supplies needed...usually.

According to the formulary in Illes’ ‘The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells’, VanVan oil is traditionally made from any combination of 5 wild asian grasses:

  • Lemongrass (The primary ingredient)
  • Citronella
  • Palmarosa
  • Gingergrass (Interestingly enough, this is simply an old name for the second pressing of Palmarosa, according to Cat Yronwode in ‘Hoodoo Herb & Root Magic’)
  • Vetiver

Of course, for max potency one would use all five.  In addition, there is another related herb that can be used for extra power: Patchouli.  Most of the ingredients are known for having spiritually cleansing, protective, jinx-breaking powers.  However, some of them have powers that, when they’re all combined, result in a kind of all-purpose condition oil...which of course is what VanVan is known for.

Here’s the recipe I ended up using:

  • ¼ cup base oil (sweet almond, olive, grapeseed, or jojoba)
  • Lemongrass EO
  • Palmarosa EO
  • Patchouli EO

I tended to add the essential oils to the base oil about 3 drops at a time of each one until the oil smelled strong enough for my taste.  Then I added just a little more lemongrass. I swirled them together, left it for a day or two, and it was ready to be empowered.  Before I made it, I thought the palmarosa and the patchouli would balance out the strong lemony smell of the lemongrass...but they didn’t.  In fact, they seemed to enhance the smell of it, making the lemony smell richer, a little smoother, and more solid.  In the case of my blend, I had to rely on patchouli to make up for the other missing grasses, but so far I think it has worked out well.

Maintenance As A First Step

It was a hard thing to accept when I realized that clearing away my crossed condition was only just the beginning of my efforts toward using magic to help get my life back to where I want it to be.  The mistake I made was in thinking that the crossed condition was the main thing wrong in my life.  Now, however, I know that a crossed condition prevents you from making things better in any lasting way.  Any problems in specific aspect of your life might remain.  The uncrossing simply helps render you able to change those things.  With that lesson learned, I’m ready to take action.

First thing’s first: Spiritual hygeine.  Some time ago I made a post on spiritual cleansing, wherein I mentioned that I planned to keep a regular schedule of cleansings backed up by minor cleansings during the week.  Aside from a few slip-ups and forgetful periods, I’ve been keeping to that for the most part.  The regular cleansing is detailed in the aforementioned post, but I’ve never detailed any of the minor cleansings.  Here is the main one I use, quoted from Dhr. Balthazar at Gnostic Conjure:

“My favourite simple and pleasant quickie cleanse is to splash some florida water on my hands and then sweep my hands over my limbs brushing the mess away. You can do each arm, over your head, down the front and back of your torso and down your legs - very briskly and with conviction. Remember to firmly brush the mess away from you. Some people clap behind each leg and the back to finish it off. You can do this before and after reading, spiritual work or whenever you feel it is called for.”

And that’s the technique I commonly use now, often chanting the “Hekate & Helios” cleansing prayer I detailed in ‘Uncrossing: Part 3’.  As with Mr. Balthazar, this method has quickly become my favorite.  Afterward I usually anoint myself with some kind of condition or dressing oil.

Speaking of condition oils, anointing is another thing I’ve incorporated into my practice.  Basically, I anoint myself with a good condition oil at least once a day.  I started out using my own blend of VanVan oil, but then I found a nice little tidbit from Momma Starr at Old Style Conjure:

“I like to mix a couple of different condition oils together. This makes a powerful dressing oil that should be used daily.  Over the years I have learned that it is best to dress yourself daily from the bottom of your feet coming upward; than it is to wait until something happens. You should get into the habit of doing this after your nightly bath. I like to mix fiery wall of protection, uncrossing and money drawing oil together. I use this nightly to dress my feet and body after my shower.”

Inspired by this, I made an oil blend of my Uncrossing, Fiery Wall of Protection, and VanVan oils.  Every morning, I dress myself with the oil in a manner similar to what Momma Starr described, saying a short prayer as I do so.  I’ve also taken to doing this after the regular and minor cleansings.  So far I have not been disappointed!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Change of Plans

"...[W]e all have a core of well-being and luck that is intrinsic. That is my belief.  When we are returned to our natural clear state things just flow better, coincidences are in our favour, we meet the right people and learn the right things."  -  Dhr. Balthazar

Since doing my uncrossing, I’ve been very disappointed in the results.  What I said before in my uncrossing post about the results is still true, but at the same time it’s been like something is missing.  There wasn’t much that improved in my life overall; it was really just attitudes and perspectives on my part.  To be honest, it has had me doubting whether the uncrossing -and all that effort I put into it- actually worked at all.

So last night, I did a divination via Astro-Geomancy.  The question was, “Am I under any crossed conditions?”  What I found out was very interesting.  Apparently, there are two aspects of my life -put simply as Love and Finances- that are still bound up, although in general and overall I’m not under a crossed condition at this time.  In fact, my own position in the chart was very favorable.  However, there was a blatant warning in the chart that basically said I am in danger of coming under a psychic or magical attack right now from a hidden malicious source.  Time to re-up the protections.

Given the lackluster results of my uncrossing and the fact that there is still stagnation I need to clear up, I’m temporarily moving my focus to something akin to Balthazar’s quote at the start of this post.  I remember a time when life was not habitually so difficult and overall shit-tacular, when it wasn’t so incredibly difficult and didn’t take so long to get my shit together.  But for the past couple years it’s really been that bad, especially lately.  For that reason I’m going to work on “Rebooting” my life, so to speak.  Dr. Raven has a wonderful post with advice for those wanting to learn Hoodoo, wherein he lists “Practical Steps to Conjuring”.  While the post is about Hoodoo and not Sorcery in general, the first two items struck a major chord with me, and I quote them here:

"1. Cleanse - Many people go through life collecting a great deal of baggage and spiritual blocks. Take the time to really cleanse yourself of the things that have held you back. People have come to magical practice for a variety of reasons; whether it is because you are desperate to change something in your life, or you are seeking more control, or you have a spiritual calling. It doesn't matter, take the time to clear your head and heart of all the mess that life throws at you. Take nice cleansing baths, do egg cleansings, light healing and uncrossing candles, do some cut and clears. Do whatever it takes to help you start fresh. By laying out a strong foundation for you to build on you'll be doing yourself a world of good.

2. Build Back Up - Once you've cleared the slate, its time to build yourself back up. Doing some work on yourself. We go through life getting beat down so badly that we forget our god-given power to create, prosper, and succeed. Light a few candles here or there to help yourself out in things. The aim is to do things to help build your confidence and support your own power."

For the time being, this is what I intend to do.  I guess I just didn't realize the point my life had gotten to, how far from cop acetic things had gotten, at least in comparison to my standards.  Now that I know, I'm going to work on getting things back to an even keel, spiritually and mundanely.