Monday, December 24, 2012

A Long-Needed Update

(NOTE: This is kind of a re-post, because when I initially made it, Blogger wouldn't show it on my list of posts, nor on my blog site on either my laptop nor my phone, so I thought it hadn't posted...until I saw it after posting THIS version. *sigh* Technology, sometimes...)

Now is as good a time as any to admit that the reason I've barely posted for 6 months is because...well, I haven't really felt like writing, and I haven't felt like I have anything to talk about that's related to effective sorcery until recently. As I've likely said before, this does not mean life's been easy or that I haven't been working on things on the mundane level. A few things that have transpired are...

  • Got sick for a month with a Mystery Bug.
  • Went through the process of having something done about a long-standing sleep problem. I've slept better in the past few months than I have in many years.
  • Multiple vehicle problems, recently culminating in me trading in my old vehicle and buying another, newer one.
  • Was hired on as a permanent employee where I was working as a contractor. This came with a big raise!
  • Had a death in the family.

Spirit Houses and Shitty Weather

One of the things I've been itching to write about is actually something I haven't completed yet. I've been planning a Jupiterian spirit bottle housing Hismael since May. Unfortunately, one thing that has always happened with me is that I'll end up finally getting the inspiration and motivation to work magic and create magical things during the time the astrological conditions are at their worst! Well, it happened the same way with the spirit bottle: Right when I finally got the ideas and means to put it together, Jupiter went into retrograde. Of course, this was on top of the fact that Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, which puts the planet at its weakest anyway.

The good thing is that I've since made further preparations and will be consecrating the bottle this Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Jupiter can be considered in Mutual Reception with Mercury, as they are each in the sign the other rules. In this case it makes both strong by proxy, apparently. Again, that's if I'm not mistaken. If any readers are more versed in astrology than me, feel free to confirm or correct the above statement.

Shoaling the Hard Shit

Remember where I mentioned my job status change and my vehicle problems above? Well, in late November I found out they were bringing me on fulltime, and as such I had to go through all the hoops of employment onboarding again. This included credit checks, drug tests, background checks, etc. For reasons of my own I was afraid of not passing at least one of those checks.

Enter Gordon White's Sigil Shoaling Technique!

It had been a while since I did any sigil magic, and this seemed a perfect time to do it, especially since I've heard nothing but good things about it. Click on the link above and read the post. Yes, it's a little long but it is VERY much worth it. Make sure and read the technique itself (it's down the page a bit), otherwise the following won't make complete sense!

Basically, I made individual sigils for passing each test or check, then one for being successfully onboarded...and then one for having a job period. That last one was my "robofish" sigil; essentially it's a sigil made for something you've already achieved. I really like this idea because I see it as a way of grounding the rest of the magical effects into material reality. Using Jason Miller's 3-level model, I see this as a way of grounding levels 1 and 2 into level 3.

And you can guess what happened. I got the job, things went without a hitch, and I'm working my buns off in my new permanent status with an awesome raise (and less expensive benefits).

Now, when my truck turned into a soap opera of vehicle repairs recently (specifically regarding the brakes), I decided to do another sigil shoal. I did individual sigils for successful and less expensive repair of the individual parts involved. For the robofish sigil I simply made it for owning a pickup truck of my truck's description.

A Little Influence At The Dealership

The truck ended up being a bust anyway. I found out the rear differential was starting to go bad, and said "Fuck it!" That truck turned into a real money-pit, and I was sick to death of worrying about it, so I decided to shop around and buy another vehicle.

I started looking around at cars online, and then worked some macro enchantment before putting forth serious efforts into my search. I conjured Raphael of Mercury and asked him to bless my vehicle search and purchase efforts.

Quickly, information came together and feedback on cars, dealerships, and negotiation tactics came together. At the dealership, I parked my truck. Before going in I used a favorite piece of field magic: I put a dab of Commanding and Crown of Success oils on my hands and rubbed them in. Shook the salesman's hand, and deployed the influencing magic. At the dealership, they were amiable to my needs, and went out of their way to accommodate me on the financing. I though I was going to get a 14.9% interest rate due to my credit history, but came away with 12.1%. In short:

I got my 2005, 1-owner, 86K miles Toyota for less than $9000 with a lower interest rate and monthly payment than I initially aimed for! Needless to say, I'm pleased.

More to come!

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