Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fitness - A Beginning

Among life's ups and downs, I've recently decided to take on a somewhat large series of goals. These could be considered a combination of self-improvement and external change for the better. The first part that I'm going to concentrate on at this also something that, as part of these goals, I've decided to mostly stop talking about.

Weight loss and fitness has seemingly become one of those topics that you just don't talk about in mixed company, kind of like religion and politics. Among the company that I keep, one cannot talk about weight loss in the same breath one mentiones concerns over attractiveness. In light of this and the hard lessons recently re-learned on the virtues of silence, the topic of fitness is off the table for me in normal conversation. My posts about it to this blog will be solely for magical tracking purposes and examination of magical technique toward such goals, since I normally never see this covered.

My main fitness goal itself is to Improve my physical fitness until my bodyfat percentage is 30% or less, with at least a 5% muscle gain across my whole body. Of course, this consists of multiple component goals, and all of them can be targeted by sorcery.

For example, several of the sub-goals target things like temptations, saboteurs, and even situations in life that arise and can pull me away from my efforts.

A road-opening spell can massively help to tackle several of these. This category of spells, discussed by the amazing Gordon, does several things. It clears and smooths obstacles, cleanses the influence of sabotaging situations and people, and can even provide guidance and turn luck around. For these reasons, that is what I plan on doing first. For the most part I have the working put together, using VanVan products (oil, incense, powder, bath) as a major material component in a 7-day candle spell.

The working is scheduled this Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it. As I go through this list of goals, I will illustrate the steps, both mundane and magical, that I am taking.

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