Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hallows of Hekate

In conjunction with All Hallows and the start of Strategic Sorcery cycle 15, Inominandum released a Hekate-based ritual for his students to perform on October 31st, November 1st, or on November 2nd. Given that I recently created a new shrine/altar for Hekate-based sorcery in my home, this seemed like a perfect first ritual to perform at it!

I started it around midnight, November 1st/2nd and finished at about 1:30am. Most of that consisted of chanting a particular Hekatean mantra revealed by Inominandum in his writings, and I found it very powerful. The myrrh incense I burned during the ritual as part of the offerings to Her helped bridge the already thin gulf between here and the Other sides. Sweat poured out of me as I chanted the mantra 1000+ times, the syllables sometimes slipping into momentary glossolalia. Combined with the incense and my fatigue from insufficient sleep the previous night, a heavy gnosis eventually came over me until I was exhausted.

I even had a brief vision of Her during this time, towering over me and holding Her twin torches. There were no words exchanged, just existence and Hekatean inspiration opening within me, with the mantra filling the Sphere of Hekas I had cast as an addition to the ritual, also filling my head till I thought it would burst through my burning eyes.

My thanks to Inominandum for sharing this powerful arcana.

Io Hekate!

Hail, mighty Titaness!

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  1. I wasn't able to get a vision of her, but I did feel a presence as I started to speak the rite. Sure was full of people at the time. I hope she is happy with my egg offering I just disposed it this morning. My timezone lol