Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Advising Pitfalls, ver. 2

Hey readers! A week and a half ago I made a post detailing some guidelines for people contacting me for magical advice and assistance. Since then, I've discovered I put the whole thing forward the wrong way and gave the wrong impression.

Since starting this blog, I've had the odd person or two contact me every now and then for advice. Usually they have been fellow magical practitioners who were seeking feedback on a particular topic, or needed someone to bounce ideas off of. I was always cool with this, because I often like to network with like-minded individuals on magical topics.

But unfortunately, contrary to the impression of the post from the other weekend, I am not actually offering free magical services. Usually, I've done client work for personal friends, but between my day job and my personal obligations, I haven't had the time to set up an online consulting business for magical services. Besides, I'm not up on the know-how of doing the business end of that...yet. If that changes, this blog will be the first place it will be announced!

I am actually working a case for a woman who contact me, because I'm sympathetic to her plight and I happened to have enough time to do some magical work for her. But she's definitely been the exception, not the norm.

The post from the other weekend was inspired by two people who contacted me within the past 6 months asking for help. To one degree or another, they were both difficult, especially the second one, in that they argued with me when *they* were the ones who sought *me* out, unsolicited. The second one especially was bad, kept dismissing most of the advice I gave and explaining all of it away (which begs the question of why he contacted me at all if he knows so much).

So in short, while I'm willing to give a bit of magical advice here and there, I'm not doing this professionally at this time, especially free-of-charge (with the exception of the woman I mentioned above). I apologize for the confusion and the misleading information.

Now, if you're interested in the magical arts and want to network, or bounce ideas off someone, that might be a better bet. ;-)

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