Monday, April 25, 2011

Uncrossing Follow-Up: Fiery Wall of Protection

Before I had performed my uncrossing operation, I decided I wanted to do a protection working afterward as insurance against any further crossed conditions and their manifestation in my life.  But what kind of protection to get; that was the question.  I wanted something that would provide a strong, if not impenetrable, defense while also driving away crossed conditions and sources of harm.  At the same time I wasn’t looking for something overly complex.  After going through several of my sources, I settled on Fiery Wall of Protection (FWoP).

Fiery Wall of Protection refers to a line of Hoodoo products by that name.  These products include condition oil, powders, incense, and baths.  They’re designed for the exact thing I was aiming for: strong defense that will also drive away harm.  Cat Yronwode’s LuckyMojo site has some good information on FWoP and its uses.

Now, I’m still in “cheapskate mode” when it comes to my magical supplies.  I don’t have money to spare.  For that reason, I didn’t want to spend the (what I consider to be) exorbitant shipping prices from online stores like LuckyMojo (not a slight against the store itself, as I realize her rates are similar to web stores in general).  And I found out I had the ingredients needed.  So that left only one solution: Make my own products!

(***EDIT as of 05/23/2012***)  Previously, I took my recipe for Fiery Wall of Protection oil from Judika Illes' book ‘The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells’.  Unfortunately, there are some recipes in there that are pulled from sources that are less than traditional to Hoodoo, which is where I like to pull my formulas.  One of these is Herman Slater's formulary, and due to its dubious nature, I've revised my recipe to be more traditional, seen below with a new picture of the product to the right:

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
  • Ginger
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Rue
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood
  • Devil’s Shoestrings
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Angelica 
I made the product pictured to the right by combining the above ingredients in olive oil and using warm maceration to infuse their essences into the oil.  Once cool, I added essential oils of ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper to enhance the scent.  It's smell is incredibly spicy, and quite warm.  Once a day for several days, I shook the bottle for a minute while praying over it.  In order to touch on the three levels, I also envisioned a wall of fire radiating out from the oil.

I'm leaving the rest of this post as it was before, for historical illustration. (***End edit***)

Fiery Wall of Protection Incense
  • 1 tbsp salt, powdered
  • 1 tbsp dragon’s blood resin, powdered
  • 1 tbsp frankincense resin, powdered
  • 1 tbsp myrrh resin, powdered

Of course, this recipe is simplicity itself.  Combine the ingredients and mix well before burning on a self-igniting charcoal block.

Fiery Wall of Protection Powder
  • 1-2 tbsp Powder Base (talcum, flour, cornstarch, or cornmeal)
  • 1 tbsp salt, powdered
  • 1 tbsp dragon’s blood resin, powdered
  • 1 tbsp frankincense resin, powdered
  • 1 tbsp myrrh resin, powdered

Another recipe that’s simplicity itself.  Combine the salt, dragon’s blood, frankincense, and myrrh.  Then, add these to the powder base and mix well.

And that, dear readers, is how I made the FWoP supplies.  Now, once I made these, I got to thinking about a few things.

First off, I wanted to include a little planetary OOMPH! to this, but had to decide on a planet(s).  I had always associated Saturn with protection.  However, with Saturn’s astrological nickname of “The Greater Malefic”, and with me having just come out of a crossed did not seem wise to call on Saturn for protection.  Saturn rules all bindings and limitations, ‘nuff said.  Okay, so that was a no-go.

Then I looked at Mars.  At first glance it doesn’t seem like a better choice (its astrological nickname being “The Lesser Malefic”), but on contemplation, in comparison to what I was going for, it had a really good feel to it.  After all, it is the planet of conflict, war, and thus defense with enemy-repellent.  On top of that, the day I planned the working (the day after the uncrossing was finished) showed Mars being in a very powerful and beneficial position.  Not only was it in the sign it rules (Aries); the Sun was also in Aries right next to Mars, so to speak.  This painted a picture of Mars being in its most vital, bright, and better-natured aspects.  Wonderful!

So, I had the planetary force I wanted to draw from, but there was one more thing:  Personal protection.  I wanted something, beyond daily anointing with FWoP oil, that would lend the same effect.  So, in essence, an amulet.  Given that this was going to be a martial working, I had just the thing to turn into a protective item: a pentacle necklace!

 I’ve had this one for about 14 years.  The pentacle is perfect!  A five-pointed figure for a planet whose magical number is 5!

So, with all this arranged, on the day after my uncrossing was finished, I went through with the working.


In early evening, I got all my supplies together on my altar and proceeded from there.  Here is what I did, step by step:

1. Universal Center
2. Pillar Exercise
3. Invocation of the Agathodaimon
4. Zone Offering
5. Gesture of Eviction
6. Casting a Circle of Protection
7. Rending of Space

8. Invocation of Mars - Anyone who has read Jason Miller’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Secrets’ will recognize the format of this invocation.  I really like how he uses the divine name IAO along with the seed syllable of Mars from Graeco-Egyptian magic to call on the intelligence and spirit of planets.  So, I decided to include that in mine, seen here (intone or vibrate the bolded words):

By the permutations of the Highest Name
I call upon the Sphere of Mars
Planet of war, conflict and competition.
Martial forces, energetic and strong
Bring your powers of strong, impenetrable defense.
By the seed element ‘O
(the ‘o’ sound as in ‘not’ or ‘for’)
I summon and bind the spirits of Mars:
Graphiel, come!
Lend strength and fortitude to my work.
Bartzabel, come!
Be my sword and my shield.
Drive away my attackers like a wall of impenetrable fire.
Let your martial power fill me,
That I shall be protected from all harm,
And my attackers sent packing
Like the little bitches they are!
In the name of the Highest:

Yeah...sometimes I don’t feel like being that flowery in my invocations and find that simple sayings such as “like the little bitches they are” work better for me.  When I gave this invocation, I also used the gesture of conjuring Jason shows in this video, facing the direction in the sky I knew Mars to still be in, sending the rays of hooked light streaming out that way.
9. Offering to the Martial Powers
10. Empowering the FWoP Products - For each one, I made the Triangle of Manifestation gesture over the product and gathered power from the Pillar, seeing the energy as a Martial kind of bright red.  Along with this, I invoked the Martial forces in the name of IAO to empower the product.  At the conclusion of the invocation, I pushed the power into the product.
11. Empowering the Amulet - I began by cleansing it using some Florida Water I had prepared sometime before.  With that done, I invoked the forces of Mars into it using freeform prayer.  Then I burned some FWoP incense and held the amulet over it, bathing it in the smoke, while chanting the Song of the Serpent, a chant given in Jason Miller’s ‘Protection & Reversal Magick’.  After some time of doing this, I anointed the pendant with the FWoP oil.
12. Thanks and Dismissal of Powers - I gave the forces of Mars thanks and license to depart.
13. Dispersal of the Circle
14. Putting the Products to Use - First, I went around to all the doors and windows, anointing them with the FWoP oil in a “Dice 5” pattern (the four corners plus the center).  In addition I dressed the handles of the doors leading out of my home.  Then, I sprinkled the powder in each corner of every room.  And finally, I wafted the incense through each room.

So far, the results have been good.  It’s usually hard to tell with protective work, but I do feel safer...although that could just be a psychological effect.  So...effective?  I hope so, but time will tell!

With this working done, that completes my efforts at getting uncrossed and fortified.  Upcoming projects include a cashbox from Jason Miller's 'The Sorcerer's Secrets', and a home blessing.


  1. great post, however i have to make some commentaries on the formula which i have known and remembered by heart if you dont mind?i want to share with you a little background and traditional ingredients that goes in it (sorry for being such a traditionalist freak,lol)

    Fiery Wall of Protection supplies are the "aggressive" form of protection, in another word do not provide just a regular protection. It creates a barrier around you hence, the "fiery wall" and of course it is normally used in conjunction of Saint Michael the Archangel. I believe that Fiery Wall of Protection is another formula popularised in New Orleans, similar to some other formulas such as Van Van. The recipe you adapted from Judika Iles's is originally published by Herman Slater, it might be a good start "resin protection base" for incense, however just like other Slater's "traditional" formulas, he has seemed to left out some of the ingredients that are considered to be a staple to FWOP formula.Traditional Fiery Wall of Protection smells rather spicy because of the addition of Ginger root/oil, and slightly woody scent because of the addition of Sandalwood, and since the " wall" is usually said to be created by St Michael's fiery sword, angelica root is added into the blend. Other staple ingredients are rue for reversing back evil to the sender,devil's shoestring to trip the enemies from doing harm on u,black pepper or grains of paradise, for protection and banishing.There are more ingredients depending from one rootworker to another, but with cant go wrong.good luck!

  2. You, sir/madam, are awesome and I love you for this! :)

    No problem on the traditionalism, either. I might not be very traditional with my techniques, but I do tend to be traditional with the formulas.

    Thank you for this and other recent postings, by the way. :)

  3. Your welcome, i am a guy btw and probably a young one too :P traditional formulas are good to know, probably a good start to keeping the tradition alive an uncorrupted. I love formulas, i make the supplies and sell them of course locally to my clients.

    Oh i forgot to mention the addition of red pepper as well in this formula, a good pinch of cayenne will do, or red pepper essential oil if you can find it.I have heard some people add some alkanet flakes into the oil too, but i do not do this in mine.I have to say that dragon's blood is a good ingredient :)

    Most rootworkers do keep their "formularies" to themselves, but i dont mind sharing some tidbits and guidelines to the public. A decent book i might suggest to you on hoodoo formularies would be Talia Felix's Conjure Cookbook. I have to say she has done alot of research in compounding and selecting the ingredients for a formula.I do not recommend however, getting Slater's formulary books as well as Lady Rhea's. The formulas are not entirely traditional, and it might give you some "false" idea on what goes behind a hoodoo formulary.For eg : rose, almond and vanilla for a Van Van formula,i find this to be an entire nonsense.It might be a decent formula for those who doesnt care about the "history" that goes behind the formula, but not for those who cares :) So alot of studies, especially on the herbs and doctrine of signatures, which are very important in crafting a formula.For herbal informations, i would recommend Miss cat's book, papa jim's is an okay one too.I find Anna riva's herbal spellbook to be an excellent book as well.She will give you some "extra" informations on a herb which you dont find in cat's book, but it's highly traditional.Draja Mickaharic has a Materia Magica of his own too, similar to the other books mentioned earlier with an addition of Mexican Brujeria style formularies for Attraction, Babel , Bend Over etc.

    lol, trust me i could write about it all day long.Some people might not agree with my point of view, or perhaps the selection of ingredients provided.Owh well, im here to share the things i know.Goodluck, keep posting more of your "formulas" and i will try to comment about it :)

    1. Hi,
      Do you have a public space where you share your knowledge? I'm learning and would like to know as much as possible about the original recipes and the reason for the ingredients.
      I read a comment on the book you mentioned Talia Felix's Conjure Cookbook not being very good for beginners because it lacks the quantities of each ingredient in the recipes, what's your take on this?

  4. Can I Use a Ring instead of an Amulet?


  5. I don't see why not. When I did this working, I chose the pentacle amulet because it was available and seemed very appropriate. I could have easily used a ring or other object.

  6. I am not as experienced as you are or as learned i have always been strong psychic/spiritually i found your blog out of despertion was on tract to be fired preformed ritual envoking archangel michael and mars knew it would work immediately was later not only vindicated and cleared of eveything at work but an outpouring of love from everyone came at me from coworkers and patients. However iam a little freaked out i am having vivid sex dreams of a perfect almost angelic like man is this normal has anyone else had this happen -ellie

  7. After further research learned that mars also governs sexual desire and lust so this may be a side effect of the evocation spell still very succesful -ellie

  8. Hi, Ellie and thanks for commenting!

    I'm very glad you had success with that working; it must have been awful to be facing that kind of situation at your job. As far as the sexual dreams, I personally have not heard of that happening, but given their nature I could see it happening.

    My experience has been that magical workings tend to leave something behind, a kind of signature. When you cast for something, you end up increasing your visibility to spirits, entities, etc that are sympathetic to that type of work.

  9. Wow, that sounds like a pretty hardcore Fiery Wall formula! I hope to try it.

    1. Wow, thanks! Coming from the woman whose book has provided TONS of inspiration for my formulas, I'll take that as a high compliment! :D

      By the way, I recently re-made my VanVan oil according to the recipe in "The Conjure Cookbook", and added a little something extra. OMG It is amazing now! A conjure hand I had neglected to feed for a bit seemed very satisfied with less of it, too. :)

    2. I love this blog post I return to it often and have made the above formula, with a few twists of my own, and it's so wonderful.

  10. Wonderful post,
    I would like to bring to your attention this blogger who has stolen your full post, images and all. It looks like they are no longer blogging, however feel it should be brought to your attention, as your work is your work.
    It come up in google search looking for Fiery Wall of Protection recipe.
    I wanted to email you however your email link on your profile is not working.