Sunday, November 20, 2011

Planetary Seals

Even before I signed up for Strategic Sorcery, when I was reading through Jason Miller's book "The Sorcerer's Secrets", I was fascinated by these newfangled planetary seals he revealed.  There were a few in the book, and the rest were revealed in the course.

The seals provide a direct link to the planet's force, unhindered by any astrological aspects at that particular time.  As a gift to him, one of Jason's brothers in the Sangreal Sodality gave him a set of the seals printed in the correct planetary colors on what looks like black paper or cardstock.  Pics of them can be found in a few one Jason's blog posts: here on the wall behind the altar in the sixth picture, and here in the lefthand picture.

Ever since laying eyes on that set, I've wanted one for my own use.  And now, I have the means and the source to print them from!  I took to the GIMP and recreated the seals in their respective colors on a black background.  What is shown here are the same seals that Jason reveals in The Sorcerer's Secrets, as he asks us in the course not to spread them all around the internet.  But since he revealed three of them in the book, I'm ok with showing the same three from the graphics I made of them, plus Jupiter since he revealed it with the cover of his new book recently.

Now, one thing I'm aware of off the bat is that some of the colors I have used so far are different than the ones on Jason's set.  In the altar pic, I honestly can't quite tell what the color for Saturn is.  It looks like a dull pewter color, but as you can see in my graphic, I used indigo.  Once I have them printed, I'll go over the ones for Sol and Luna with gold and silver leaf pens, respectively.

I also thought about creating these each with a double circle around it detailing the name of the planet in latin and with the permutations of IAO around it.  But I'll leave off that for now and work just with the seals themselves.

I'm thinking of making these available to fellow students of Strategic Sorcery.  But for now, I want to get them printed, mounted to black cardstock or board, and charged as planetary talismans.

I gotta admit, people: I'm a little excited about this and proud of my work.  :)

NOTE:  The seals themselves are copyright Jason Miller and Matthew Brownlee.



    Question! The seal of the Sun is pretty obvious, is it illegal to use it?

  2. I wouldn't think so, John. The only reason I didn't post all of them is because Jason specifically asked us not to.

  3. Also, John, I didn't post the seal of the Sun in this post. The ones I specifically left out are ones Jason has not really revealed through his books or blog posts.

  4. The SS seals may be my favorite thing about the course. The Jupiter one especially just *gets* me, for some reason. Not to mention the SS seal itself. Completely badass.