Saturday, November 5, 2011

Venusian Initiation

A little bit ago, I decided to continue my planetary initiations by conjuring the archangel Haniel to initiate me into Venus.

Normally I would have tried for yesterday since it was a Friday, but I was busy that evening.  So, I decided to try the more Abra-Melin based method of reckoning the planetary times.  It just so happened that Venus hit the midheaven at 2:55pm today. So, around that time, I performed my version of the Trithemius rite modified with Strategic Sorcery tech.

When asked what the best time by her Nature was to call her, Haniel answered that the absolute perfect time to conjure her would be on a bright, clear summer day while Venus is in the middle of the sky.

Then I asked her what method I could use to conjure her in less formal situations.  What I got was, "Let art and, if possible, people be around thee.  Sing my name aloud or under the breath in a melody of thine choice.  Hold thine arms out as if for embrace and speak thy will."

When it came time for the initiation itself, Haniel jumped right into it!  It wasn't like others I've gone through.  it was very sensual.  I mean, VERY.  Sensual.  All over...all kinds of places.  Yeah.

The scent of the incense (benzoin and red sandalwood) seemed to expand and permeate my sense of smell completely, even seeming to push out the smoky aspect of the smoldering incense.  I felt increased bloodflow to certain parts of my body, and muscles in my lower back began to twitch wildly for a moment.

Then it was all over!  After the initiation, I had a question for Haniel about Venusian talismans and she gave some advice as well as a brief consecration/empowerment of the lamen I was wearing.  After that I closed down like normal.

Overall, this is one of the more vivid and powerful conjurations I've done.  Haniel was very nurturing, personable and friendly, much like the forces of Venus are reputed to be!  ;)


  1. Oh Ocean, what's your version of Trithemius with Mr. J's tech? Mine just has the Gate of Heka and Universal Centering Rite :) I'm not a student of the course btw lol

  2. Hi John! If you email me your email address, I believe I can share it with you through Google Docs.

    Basically, it has exercise like the Universal Center added in, but it also has a slightly different zone rite as well as other stuff taught in the Strategic Sorcery course. For example, at one point the conjurer would adopt one of the Sorcerous Bodies taught by Jason.

  3. What do you use to estimate the position of a particular planet? I've been looking for a more elegant solution than casting a shitton of charts and seeing which work out in my favor.

    Also, sidereal or tropical midheaven? I always had the feeling Abramelin, etc referred to sidereal (ie, is the planet actually right above you), and I have no idea how far different the two currently are.

  4. Pallas, I use ZETLite. I've heard it's inaccurate, so I check it using the chart for my location at

    I just went in to look, and I've been using tropical, but I think I'll switch to sidereal for now and see if that works better.

  5. Thanks for writing about your experiences with the planets, mate. Your work inspired me to start my own experiments with the method of Trithemius.

    In your work, do you consider your natal chart to see if any of your natal planets are especially dignified or debilitated? If so, have you found that this affects your success with any particular planet?

    By the way, I use Cal93 which lists the planetary hours and will give you the time when each planet is at its zenith.

    You can download it for free from here:

    It's pretty basic but it does what I need it to do.

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  6. What do you mean by sensual? Were you turned on?