Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Much-Needed Update

I must say, it has been a minute since I last posted here!

Basically, Shit went down in my life, namely in the form of losing my job.  After two weeks of them putting me through mental torment by doing a horrible job at covering up the interviews with replacement candidates not 20 feet from me behind closed doors...the news was sprung to me by my company on a Friday (Jan 13).  I was allowed to finish with one more week, which was decent of the company involved, given my admittedly biased-sounding opinion regarding their absurd reason for letting me go (hint: it wasn't about my actual, real-time job performance, behavior, interaction, or attendance; they had little to no complaint about that).

I spent the weekend emotionally coping, polishing up my resume and posting it on the major jobsearch sites.  I also spent chunks of time doing macro-enchantments with the powers of Saturn (stability in my life and steady work), Jupiter (abundance in life and job opportunities), and Mercury (business success and technology).  Some of it wasn't so macro because, though I called on the archangels of the planets to send blessings into my sphere, I also called upon the intelligences and spirits of those planets for more specific tasks and influences.  I had more magical activities planned for the ensuing week, along with much applying, networking, and overall job-seeking.

However, I didn't get that far.

The day after my company broke the news about my impending unemployed status, I received a call from a recruiter about another job, and that Monday a phone interview was scheduled.  It was made obvious right from the start that the phone interview would be the only interview...which raised a flag for me, but I went along with it.  I interviewed that Wednesday, and on Thursday I had a job offer for just $1 less per hour than I was making before (which somehow turned into the same amount I was making later, on paper).  Another company gave me a phone interview after too long a delay, but I rolled with it...and a day or two later, they wanted an in-person interview!

However, I took the first job because it paid the same as I was already making and was closer to where I already live!  I started this past Wednesday, having been unemployed for all of two (2) business days.

Let's just say I'm planning an elaborate offering ceremony to a certain three planetary powers.

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