Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fiery Wall of Protection: Revisited

Back in April of 2011, I created a bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection oil as part of my efforts to recover from a crossed condition.  At the time, I pulled the recipe from Judike Illes' book "The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells".  It seemed to work fine at the time, and I used it with moderate success.  Cut to December of 2011, and it turns out I have some awesome people who read this blog.  An anonymous commenter left quite a few tips for improving my Fiery Wall of Protection formula.  On top of that, in February, Polyphanes took the formula I used along with the comments of Anonymous, and made his own Fiery Wall of Protection formula.  Srsly, check it out, it's a pretty good post.

Taking inspiration from all of these, I revised my recipe and remade it thusly:

Ocean Delano's Fiery Wall of Protection
  • Ginger
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Rue
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood
  • Devil’s Shoestrings
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Angelica

I decided not to give the exact amounts I used here, but keep in mind that the ingredients are listed in descending order of their amounts.  I combined them in olive oil and used warm maceration to infuse their essences.  After the oil cooled, I added essential oils of ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and sandalwood for scent.  The end result (pictured to the right) is a nice, deep red and smells very spicy and warm.


My method for charging this oil was inspired by de heer Balthazar's post where he details his creation and empowerment of his All Things Under My Feet condition oil.  Symbolically, his method was very sound, and though I wanted to do something like it, I felt that something more symbolic of being surrounded by protection would be more appropriate.

Unlike the last time I made this formula, I drew upon elemental Fire as the primary force behind its empowerment, with the forces of Mars assisting.  Unlike Polyphanes version, I left off the forces of Sol based on guidance obtained from divination.  Pictured to the left is the setup after the first day of empowering the oil.  The black and the blue candles were dressed and empowered for protection.  The red candle is representative of the forces of Mars, while the gold candle is representative of the more refined, divine aspects of Fire.  The white candle represents the light of the divine.  At the end of the initial empowerment, they were all sitting upon a written copy of the invocation I used for calling upon elemental Fire and the forces of Mars:

By that most high and holy name
I call upon you, O MICHAEL, Governor of Fire
Let descend the Angel Aral to lend me aid.
I draw forth the fire, I draw forth the flame
To surround me like an impenetrable wall:
Protecting me, shielding me,
Keeping me safe from all harm.
I sound forth the seed syllable "O":
O KAMMAEL, ruler of the Sphere of Mars
Powers of Mars, work hand in hand with Fire,
Lend your strength and your steel to this Fiery Wall
Help me stand tall and strong and secure.
Let its rays be as spears which drive back the darkness.
Let its heat most potently and aggressively drive away
Any entity, any creature, any force or spell or person
That approaches to do me harm, or drain my life,
Or sap my will, or cause me anguish or ill.

With all of this in mind, here is the procedure I used to empower the oil:

  1. I began by performing the Universal Center and establishing the Pillar.
  2. Recited the Prayer of the Design.
  3. Performed the Zone Offering and then cast a circle and called the directions via the Compass Round.
  4. Dressed and empowered each of the candles.
  5. Used the invocation above to draw upon the forces of Fire and Mars.
  6. Pore breathed the energies of Fire and Mars, and imbued the oil with them using the Triangle of Manifestation gesture.  While doing this, I further invoked the forces called:  Lay your holy hands upon this oil in consecration.  Empower it, that whatever this oil anoints or dresses will be surrounded by such a mighty wall: A fiery wall of protection, made completely safe by the light of your grace and the fire of your might!  In the name of the highest: IAO, AIO, IOA, AOI, OIA, OAI!
  7. Set the candles in place and lit them, starting with the candle for divine, then for Fire and Mars, then the ones for protection.
  8. Each day after that, for a total of five days, I held the bottle of oil, shook it, and recited the invocation, then lit a dressed and empowered tealight over it.

At the end of the five days, I checked the oil to see if it was done.  A pendulum divination confirmed it was ready, and exploring it with my psychic senses yielded impressions and visions of fire.  Even holding it while doing so resulted in me getting very warm, to the point that I ended up pore-breathing fire out of myself before I finally cooled off.  Two days since then, holding the bottle causes my hands to warm up and me to feel as though I'm surrounded by the namesake Fiery Wall of Protection.  It is definitely cooking, and brimming with spiritual fire!

The Formula In Use

With it completed, I decided that the first thing I wanted to use it for was on my apartment.  Using it as part of a larger working for cleansing, protecting and blessing my home, I went around and five-spotted all the doors and windows.  Once that was done, I anointed the edges of mirrors.

The effect afterward was, for me, palpable.  To my mind's eye, the entrances to the apartment were covered in an intense fire that threatened to burn everything around them.  I felt so completely safe, that I realized the formula I used before, while indeed protective, was nowhere near as powerful as this.

Because of how much more effective this formula was, both in terms of the empowerment and the actual recipe itself, I've gone back and changed my original post about it.  My experience with this formula has shown me how much more satisfying the results can be when attention is given to traditional herbal and curio lore.


  1. I'm glad you found your camera! Thanks for sharing this. It's one of the more awesome things I've had the pleasure of reading today. It looks like a potent brew!

  2. Great post. Questions: How do you pronounce IAO? And how would you modify the ritual for other types of oils (what Angel would be called upon and what description. For instance, instead of "I draw down the fire" would it be something like "I draw down the air")? Can I find similar rituals in R.O.'s courses?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome blog.