Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Advanced Planetary Magic" Experiment - Sol of Luna

As per my previous post about Jason Miller's "Advanced Planetary Magic", I had my first experiment with one of the calls last night.

In the book, the calls are explorations of the forces of the planets paired together in various combinations. They're named after the planetary day and the planetary hour in which they are to be performed. Thus, you have calls for "Mars of Saturn", and "Venus of Mercury".

The call I performed last night is for Sol of Luna, performed during a Solar planetary hour on a Monday. This particular call, like many of the ones for Luna, affects one's mind and inner psyche. In this case, the call is for re-establishing one's internal balance and mental-emotional equilibrium. So, at the appropriate time last night, I set about performing  the call.

Here's how I did it:

  1. I started out doing my usual centering and connecting routine. For me, this meant establishing the Pillar and performing the Universal Centering, both from TSS. If you're not familiar, you could do the Qabalistic Cross portion of the LBRP.
  2. Next I cleared out the area around me, after giving offering to the surrounding spirits. I normally do the practice of a Zone Offering taught by Jason in Strategic Sorcery, as well as a type of banishment I learned from him. Again, if you're not familiar, the rest of the LBRP could do in a pinch.
  3. Next I performed Jason's version of the rite of Calling the Sevenths to Induce Equilibrium from the Greek Magical Papyri, called the Heptasphere. However, I performed it visualizing the seals from "Advanced Planetary Magic".
  4. With that done, I recited the call three times.

The results I got were pretty interesting so far. Shortly after performing the call, I began to feel a sense of personal balance, quiet confidence, and serenity that I normally only get after a good meditation session. So far, the effect stayed with me all last night and up to the writing of this blog post.

So far I'm impressed, and I think I'm going to perform this call regularly every Monday, as it's been helpful and I want to see how well the results repeat.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to further experimentation with the other calls, especially Venus of Luna! ;-)


  1. You can actually visualize those seals? I am now trying but am not there yet. I use Agrippa's seals still as a stand-by. I look forward to the day when I have every curly-cue and spike of Jason's seals firmly memorized.

  2. Heh...well, by "visualize" I mean that I can visualize their general shapes, but in that visualization I add the motions to them that Jason describes in the book.

    In other words, I cheat just a teensy bit. ;-)