Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mulling Over Some Things

I've been mulling some things over lately, trying to determine what my opinion is on a number of topics while at the same time trying to make those opinions balanced. Part of this relates to the original purpose of this blog (to detail my journey from ineffective to effective magical practices).

Basically, I'm saying that my past interactions with the occult, magical, and otherwise Pagan communities has often left me wanting, and these things have often left impressions on me that were...unhealthy...for magical practice. In fact, were it not for folks I've met online (and you know who you are), I could replace 'often' with 'always' in that last sentence.

See...I have certain views on magic that frequently portray it as one of many means of personal liberty and sovereignty. These are things I value in my own life, and in regard to magic, I detest it when others try to put shackles and chains on magic and the practice thereof.

Then again, my view tends to be, admittedly, slightly myopic in relation to magic and society as a collective. And I've come to believe that, to an extent, magic is often incompatible with society (given that society tends to forbid the use of magic on an official basis).

Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but my original point is to say that I'm considering a series of posts where I explore my view on a variety of topics, such as:

  • The growing trend of anti-magical sentiment in modern neoPaganism and Pagan Reconstructionist religions.
  • The issue of "High" Magic(k) vs. Practical Magic (because fuck that 'High' and 'Low' bullshit; there's your preview of my opinion on it).
  • Paganism vs. The Gods (I'll let you wonder about that for now).
  • Hoodoo, Conjure, and ATR's vs. neoPaganism and Eclecticism.
  • Traditionitis (I kind of coined that term last night, and I'm gonna leave you guessing for now)
  • The Westernized version of Karma.
  • "Energy" (I have some serious demons to exorcise about this one).
  • Being politically/socially Humanist but personally/spiritually Pagan/pantheist/panpsychist/etc.
  • The value of silence in magical practice (inspired by Miss Maya).

With those listed, I will say that I'm only considering the posts about these for now. At this time, I have nothing typed up.

How about you, readers? Any interest in these topics?


  1. I could definitely read about any of those. ^_^

  2. I would like to think that Inner magick and outer magick is a better framework than high/low.

    Sometimes you work to get reuslts whithin yourself, sometimes outside in the world. Most often it seems that theese typse of workings intermingle and you always learn something about yourself and the world