Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mini-Rant: "Energy"

You know, it would be nice if I could go more than a month or two without hearing or reading someone talking about "negative people" and their fucking "energy" "attacking" or "slapping", "hitting", "stabbing" others or whatnot.

Some people really need to grow some damn balls for a change and realize that, most often, the "energy" they are supposedly feeling is their own reaction to the behavior of others, NOT to some energy the other person is "smacking" them around with. Man up (or, for the ladies, put your Big Girl Panties on) and accept that sometimes other people put you off, instead of redirecting the blame to them and their "energy". It's unfair and lacks courage to make that kind of accusation against others, because they can't prove or disprove your claim that they're "hitting" you with their "energy".

Sometimes I think that, collectively, modern eclectic magical paths need a bit more maturity and less informing from the New Age movement.


  1. from the point of view in psychology/psychotherapy, you are responsible for you emotions. Nobody makes you feel any which way. You choose to feel a particular way. That choice may be informed by multitude of factors that lead up to that particular point, but you always have a choice in your reaction, both internal and external. It's a hard concept to deal with, but I find it to be true, 99.99% of the time. I find this concept equally applicable to any of kind metaphysical concept.

  2. You have come across a type of person I like to refer to as a "walking habit" and it means exactly what it says. They are on autopilot and will remain so until a major trauma or major adversity or change occurs in their lives.

    No amount of saying get courage or grow up will help them "get it" about how its not other people. I found out pointing this out will either bring up a expression of confusion or an extreme reaction from them. Not worth one's time I believe> Easy to manipulate with NLP and such nonsense if thats what you want but not worth wasting time on helping them in any other way Im afraid, because its more trouble then its worth.

  3. I've noticed a lot of these folks that hide their prejudices behind the word "energy". For instance, they don't have to sound "negative" by saying that they are intimidated by my tattoos and mohawk, they can be "positive" and say they need to avoid "that type of energy". Ugh.

  4. I hate the word "energy" as used in the occult. It's jargon and it almost never means anything.