Thursday, January 23, 2014

THAT is your best advice???

Blech. I'm not a fan of it when the best advice someone can give on learning a particular type of folk magic is "Find a teacher". Nice.

Specific magico-cultural religions aside, that kind of advice falls short if you live in a geographic area where the local magical, occult, and/or pagan communities have little to offer in that regard, and you can't afford air fare to other parts of the country (including vehicle transportation and lodging) on a regular basis. And local magical shops can fall short too if they only carry the cheapo mass-market tripe (Witch School, Ravenwolf books, etc). Don't even get me started on stores like Barnes & Noble.

And yes, I do speak from experience. Thank the Gods for the internet!

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  1. Self-Study. Trusting your intuition and letting it guide you on your path can be one of the most rewarding ways to study. It can also be the most difficult. Besides my chi kung practices all of my other work with the Tarot, occult, magic....etc.....has been through intensive self study. Very rewarding, but quite difficult.