Friday, December 11, 2015

New Update and some Humor

Hey readers! I just wanted to drop a quick note that I'm still around. Basically, the reason I've been absent has been that, anymore, I'm up to my usual stuff which I have detailed previously. I haven't been interacting much with the broader magical community, and my more "innovative" stuff has been on hold due to life stuff. But I wanted to showcase a few things and provide some updates.

Studies and Practices

2015 has seen me with a very stable, routine practice which I have talked about before so I won't bore you with those details. Aside from that my involvement with the Gentlemen for Jupiter has been going along in a low-key fashion. I've maintained my regular practice at a bare minimum of once per month. My reason for this is partly due to my wish to avoid over-saturation of any given planetary force in my life.

The other contributing factor is that I took an extra course by Jason, called "Take Back Your Mind". To me it has been a combination of mind hacks and various forms of meditation and self-exploration. I may give a review of it at a later date, but what I've said here will have to suffice. But the lessons were every other Thursday, so at the very least my Jupiter work at my usual times was limited to every other week as well.

Coinciding with the end of "Take Back Your Mind", Jason has started a new course containing teachings he has been teasing us all with for YEARS: The Sorcery of Hekate. I joined up and so far it's very interesting. It's interesting in that the teachings are less "customizable" compared to Strategic Sorcery, which can be easily adapted to fit any given person's practices, as is the habit of many modern magicians. I'm looking forward to seeing how I develop in this new course.

As with Strategic Sorcery, us students have formed pretty good group. In fact, I have a gem to share from another student. This student posted to the course's Facebook page asking about leaving offerings at the crossroads or at a graveyard for Hekate. Normally this would be such a crossroads or graveyard on the edge of the town you live least, optimally.

Well, in modern times and first-world problems, there can be issues with this. Maybe the most convenient crossroads is a busy one. Maybe that graveyard has a security guard on patrol. Maybe you can't park nearby. Maybe you can't leave the area without looking back (a common warning when dealing with crossroads). Several of us detailed workarounds we use in the comments, and this fellow student put together a list categorizing these workarounds rather humorously. I now present this list to you, with all thanks to her:

  • The ‘Dump & Run’- Mark your target, pray or say your mantra on your way, wait for it to clear, then dump it and run.
  • The Slide: Mark your target, pray while you meander to the site, then casually let the offering slide out of your hand as if it had accidentally dropped.
  • The Cloak: Mark your target, wait until the cloak of night and trust (seriously) that you will be covered literally and symbolically.
  • The Seedling: Mark your target and leave your offering as if you’re seeding the area. If any nosy neighbors ask, just tell them you were throwing down seeds for spring time.
  • The Drive-by: Mark your target, pray while driving and “chuck” it out of the window to its intended place.

Note: The consensus is to be mindful of the environment, use biodegradable items, such as bags or plates, and if they’re not biodegradable throw them in the trash.

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  1. I love the ideas! It brings to mind a whole range of possibilities for Urban environments and magic. Thanks for sharing!