Friday, December 11, 2015

Ripped Off!

Readers, when you put something out there of a magical nature, especially if it's something you created at least in part, someone is bound to do some copyright violation. I'm a little amused that it took this long to happen, but it did to me.

"Nox Lumos" is her pseudonym, and ripping people off is her...well, I don't know an alternative word for game that rhymes with "pseudonym".

In a shining example of contributing to idiocy and the lowest common denominator, she keeps a blog open to the public that is FULL of ripped-off content. So far to my immediate recognition she has ripped off the following posts:

  • My post on Fiery Wall Of Protection oil here - Her copy of it has since been taken down by Google.
  • Polyphanes post on Fiery Wall of Protection oil here - Here is her copy of it.
  • Dr. E's blog post on Road Opener (ripping off a dead man...classy) - And her copy of it.

No credit or link back on any of her blog posts. I've already submitted a DMCA notice through google on her copy of my post, and also notified Polyphanes and Dr. E Products.

People, here's the thing. If you want to re-post content from my blog to yours, I'm not avidly against that UNDER ONE CONDITION: Give me credit for it, state that it is by me, or posted by me, and then also place a link to my posting of the content in YOUR post. That is literally all you need to do to keep me from getting legal on your tuches.

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