Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Down with the sickness!

There's a reason I hate the wintertime, especially here in the Midwest.  I've been sick with things that are rather nasty and painful 3 times in 3 months.  I'm currently fighting off the third sickness.  Considering what happens and how long the aftereffects last each time I get sick...that's a lot of time being sick.  I really miss the days when I got sick once a year and was done.

The current sickness and the last one have really derailed my practice.  I haven't been getting anything done in my regular practices nor in my work in Strategic Sorcery.  Fortunately, I'm at a point with the current sickness where I can carry on competently.

Also, I'm starting to get some overtime at work.  With the extra money, I'm going to order the hyssop and the rue I've been meaning to get!

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