Friday, March 25, 2011

Uncrossing, part 2: The Supplies

Wow, the magical Blog-o-Sphere is kinda dead lately.

Unfortunately, this has included my own blog.  The upshot in my case is that this has been caused by the fact that I got the herbs I needed/wanted for my uncrossing operation, and I'm currently working on putting everything together.  For my operation, with the exception of the candles, I will be personally making all the supplies from scratch.  These supplies include:

  • Uncrossing Oil
  • Uncrossing Incense
  • Uncrossing Powder
  • Uncrossing Floorwash
  • Uncrossing Spiritual Bath

And that's not even going into the protection working I plan on doing immediately afterward.  The good thing is that all of them basically include the same ingredients.  So much so, in fact, that I'm using the recipe for the oil as the base for all the others, with removing or adding an ingredient or two as needed.  And don't worry; there will be pictures, and I may very well post the recipes themselves!

With that said, I'm a little irritated with myself over this.  I spent a couple of months trying to get to the point where I could afford to order the herbs I needed online...but then I ended up finding two stores here in Indianapolis that sell what I needed, and then some.  The first was a health food store that carried hyssop.  I also picked up some Lemon Balm which I later found out is useful in uncrossing as well.  They're good quality, and the price?  CHEAP.

Then there was also another, specifically metaphysical, store on the opposite end of town that told me they only carried rue, not hyssop.  However, when I got there it turns out they had BOTH the herbs I needed!  Basically, between both stores, the two herbs cost me less than $10.

Why did I wait so long???

Anyway, I've already created the oil, and will make a post detailing the recipe and including pictures.

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