Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cleaning House

The magical goodness just keeps flowing out on the Blog-o-Sphere!

Fellow bloggers, Rufus Opus and Pallas Renatus, each posted about spiritual house cleansing.  It was started by Pallas Renatus when he wrote very amusingly about his special "Potion Of GTFO".  This was followed up by a blog post in reaction to it by Rufus Opus.  And now, here I am thinking about house cleansing.

Both posts, especially PR's, got me thinking about house cleansing and what little attention I've given the topic lately.  In my efforts to build up my magical apothecary, one of the items I have collected is a bottle of Pine-Sol. Original Pine-Sol, according to Devi Spring, makes for a good spiritual cleanser as it actually contains pine oil.  A while back I took this idea and ran with it...and went even further.

I began by taking my recipe for VanVan oil, and made a concentrated version of it, using nothing but essential oils.  I empowered it and the Pine-Sol separately.  After that I added the VanVan essence to the Pine-Sol and shook it up to combine them.  After this, the Pine-Sol can be used like normal.

I decided to use my bathroom as a trial run.  I wiped down, mopped, and washed the room.  Afterward, it was pretty much my favorite place in the entire apartment because it just felt so good!

So what did I go ahead and do after this?  I dropped the subject and did nothing further with it, of course.

I know, I know!  And here I've been wanting to do a full-scale house cleansing and blessing since me and my roommate moved into this place!  Oy vey.

PR's post also brings up a point that I have been neglecting until now.  There have been many times that I have looked back on living in the current apartment and thought to myself, "Things really have not been right since we moved here."  I know a certain amount of those feelings may very well be projection on my part, but the fact I had that thought is worth exploring.  I may even do a divination on it tonight.

To anyone reading this, I would suggest reading PR's post.  I ended up taking special notice of the part near the end of the post where he described what to do with the potion.  Specifically, the license to depart that he instructs to give.  One thing I never talked about concerning my crossed condition was the fact that, when I was under the worst of it, at one point I gave a kind of "Universal License To Depart" after which the crossed condition seemed to weaken quite a bit.

So, go read those articles by Rufus Opus and Pallas Renatus.  Also browse Devi Spring's blog for good cleansing tips.  I know I'm going to do some house cleansing on my place sooner now, rather than later!

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  1. Thanks for the plug, brother! I can dig the problem you had with your bathroom; I keep having to fight the urge to put off regular cleanings (magical or not!) because of the voice in the back of my head saying "But you've just *done* that! Move on to something cooler already!".

    I do love Devi's blog, though; if I'd followed half her advice in the first place I'd have avoided this mess entirely, lol. She has some good articles on working with ancestors, too, which is yet another thing I need to pick up the slack on and start properly.