Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To Lately

Since my post on meditation, I've been finding more and more things to write about.  They are still forthcoming, but I wanted to give an update regarding what I've been up to lately.

In accord with the Strategic Sorcery lesson on tools, I am currently in the process of consecrating the staff I mentioned in this post.  It's coming along quite nicely, and it feels like there is some real power being built up in it.  Primarily it is a staff for magical offense and defense.  However, I built other staff-like functions into it.  These include the calling of spirits, communication with the spirit world, acting as a catalyst for my will, and acting as a channel as well as amplifier for power.  As part of the consecration, I've been building certain poses with the staff into its functionality.  These represent its various functions, although it is not limited to them.  I have positions such as Attack, Defense, Summoning, Commanding, etc.  In the past two days, the Attack and Commanding positions have begun to feel more substantial, as if the staff is catching on ans acting in accord.  Hopefully the Defense position will follow suit soon.

In other Strategic Sorcery doings, I am working on reading up on Robert Bruce's astral projection and energy work techniques in preparation for my other homework assignment that's due: Achieving astral projection.  I don't anticipate much trouble with it, as I used to practice AP almost every night years and years ago.  I'm probably rusty, but I feel confident that I'll have the hang of it again soon.

Finally, I've really been enjoying the lessons in Strategic Sorcery.  Lately we've been covering spirits of various kinds.  I've been introduced to some very nifty and cool practices for use in dealing with spirits, and even creating artificial spirits (something I've never done but have always wanted to do).

There are a few things I have going on with my magical practice in general.  The first is a spell I did recently, from which I was gently reminded of a fundamental lesson of strategy.  I'll detail it in an upcoming post.

Second, ALL THE MATERIA!!!  The city I live in has, to my knowledge, a slight lack in magical supply shops.  On top of that, most of the ones around are clear on the effing southside!  It's not a bad's just on the opposite end of town from me!

Well, long story short: The best magical supplies store in the area went really down in quality and range of items that they carry.  So I went looking around for another place to find herbs, oils and candles.  I found it!  It turns out there's another place next door to the old one that has almost everything I need!  Their range of candles is amazing, as is their herb selection.  Tons of incenses...and they even had lodestones!  Their prices rock, too.

So, for $30 I had a field day and came away with no less than 9 herbs (at least 1/2 ounce each), some powdered sulfur, 5 taper candles, a specialty vigil candle, vetivert oil, 3 lodestones...and some other stuff I can't recall.  Now I have all the supplies I need to make the following condition products:

  • Attraction oil
  • Money-Drawing oil
  • Money-Keeping oil
  • Crown of Success oil
  • Command & Compel oil
  • Essence of Bend-Over
  • Come to Me Boy! oil

There are two more condition products I don't quite have the supplies to make yet, because the shop didn't have them: Master Key and Black Arts.  They didn't have any master root, and I can't get the last curio I need for the Black Arts oil from them.

I of these days I'll be able to get all my stuff from LuckyMojo.

Another oil I made recently is......Abra-Melin Oil!

Yep!  I made it by macerating cinnamon, calamus, and myrrh together.  So far it matches up to everything I've heard about how the oil itself should look like and behave.  Anointing myself with it brings a vague kind of heat and it's a deep gold color.  Funny thing, though, that no one ever says: It smells like cinnamon-sugar toast!  At least mine does.

And finally, the last thing I've been up to lately: Trithemius.

Or, more specifically, I recently bought a copy of Rufus Opus' eBook entitled 'A Modern Angelic Grimoire'.  The system in it is based on that of Trithemius in 'The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals', but a bit streamlined in the tools.  Speaking of the tools, that's what I've been working on this week.  I've made the Table of Practice according to the Angelic Grimoire, same with the wand.  Frankly, I did a bad job on the Table of Practice (IMO), and I have yet to see how the wand will turn out, as I haven't attempted to color the inscription gold yet.

Basically, I'm going to use this system for the Theurgic part of my practices.  But that is for another post!

And that's what I've been up to lately, dear readers!  Upcoming posts will include such topics as a working for interview success, enchanting in real-time, and more about how I am going to use the system in the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

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