Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Favorite Method Of Divination In Use

Years ago, I read up on the divination method called Geomancy.  Now, for those of you not in the know, Geomancy IS NOT FENG SHUI!  I'm just saying that because searching for it on Google will likely bring up a lot of Feng Shui sites.

Anyway, Geomancy quick won my heart, so to speak.  It looks scary complicated, but it's strange; once you actually do it, it's amazingly simple.  On top of that, it can be pretty detailed, and can answer virtually any question in such detail.

My purpose for this post is to highlight another post by The Unlikely Mage.  He recently posted a monthly geomancy reading he did for himself, and he goes through interpretation of it.  I found it fascinating.  The one and only thing missing from it is an illustration of the chart itself to give a visual on it, but I was able to do without.

Check the post out:  Monthly Reading


  1. Hey OD- I like your blog quite a lot. I've been reading your posts pretty regularly. Glad to see another veteran from EM writing for public consumption. (Silenciumetaurum from EM)

  2. Glad to be here, SetA, and thanks for the compliment! :)

    I myself have really been enjoying what I call the "Sorcerous Blog-O-Sphere", and it has really enriched my path.

  3. Easy, like... no prerequisites like invoking a spirit and yadda? I find horary astrology to be easy for me... (though I haven't fully studied it yet -- I'm at the aspects, almutens and ascendant stuff)

    I find Geomancy to be a bit complicated, meh I'm ignorant. It reminds me of high school Geometry.


  4. @Ocean Delano: Thanks for the blog link! If I hadn't found the "Sorcerous Blog-O-Sphere" then I wouldn't have gotten back on the magical bandwagon!

    @John: You can invoke a spirit if you want, but it's not necessary. I do a short prayer, but that's it. You can just contemplate on the question. I've studied traditional natal astrology (Zoller's/Bonatti's method) but I have yet to crack horary. I did find that knowing how houses and derived houses work vastly aided my Geomancy. If you do decide to pick up Geomancy, go for Greer's book. It's the clearest introduction.

  5. H'mm okay, but first, any tips on a beginner?
    Well I gotta say that at first making random number of dots will kinda entice me to cheat.

  6. Well any randomization device will work honestly.

    The classical way is to make a random number of dots but they did it in ways to make it harder to cheat, such as pipping them right to left, and having the line lengths be a particular relationship to each other.

    Another method is to have a bowl of beans and snatch a random number out of the bowl. Count them up and you have your line.

    What I use is either six-sided dice and take odd/even, or I go to and use their integer generator to get 16 numbers. It's much faster.

    But the first thing you have to do is get familiar with the 16 figures. How well-versed are you in understanding the qualities of the four classical elements?

  7. @Unlikely: Just the basics, you know: Fire - Will, Air- Intellect, Water - Emotions, Earth - Result/Materiality/sum of the previous three. I always refer to Agrippa or Bardon concerning the classical elements.

    I just did a reading for myself minutes ago:
    Left Witness: Puer, Judge:Populus, Right Witness: Puer. It's a relationship issue so my take on interpreting it is that I need to seek some emotional balance because I'm getting desperate lol.

    And thanks for the suggestions, I will try them out. I think practicing this without asking any serious issue should get my feet wet.

    Ha! I enjoyed drawing dots. lol