Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post-Move and Upcoming Plans

I got moved!

Last weekend, I moved to another apartment.  I finished moving everything over Saturday night, and since then it's been a big ol' Unpacking bonanza!

As I left the old place for the last time, I gave an offering to the Genius Loci of the apartment and the complex. That same night I gave a similar offering along with introductions to the Genius Loci of the new place.  So far, the feel of the new place is really nice.  It's not like other new apartments I've had, where things felt strange and a little scary.  Unpacking has even been easy.  It seems like me and the Genius Loci are getting along so far!  ;)

Last night I got even more unpacking done, and in the process setup my temple area.  I have two workings planned for the apartment:

House blessing
Fiery Wall of Protection

There is a downside to the move, but I'm not going to talk about it openly...yet.


  1. Good luck and speedy setting up! I hope the problem, whatever it may be, won't be too hard to get around or get used to.

  2. i dislike moving, probably because i have so much stuff and it's difficult to pack and unpack. i hope the downside of your move will turn out for the better

  3. oh yeah, new house fortification are always fun. :P i've moved 6x in total in my life so i'm used to it, i might got 2 more moves on me.