Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quote About Karma

From user Roland Deschain at OccultCorpus:

"Just because karma is from a different country and culture does not mean it wasn't invented to keep the Hindu masses in order. Belief in karma is just a restraint for our morals. I can decide on my own what is right and wrong, and so can you. If some of you are afraid your magickal fire is going to come back and burn you, maybe you shouldn't play with it."

This matches closely with my thoughts on karma in magic.


  1. one of my teachers does not believe in karma at all. his argument is that people get away with bad things all the time and good deeds go un-noticed. i dont think i would go to that extreme but he does have a point

  2. Interesting quote. Karma is real, just not in the way most people believe that it works. There are positive and negative consequences to everything that we do.If we do something out of our divine life's plan, it will catch up to us in future lives if it dosent in the current one. Sometimes it is our karma to be the perpetrator and sometimes it is our karma to be the victim. Sometimes karma is an ingrained habit that we just can't get past. Sometimes we have karma against ourselves.I speak as a medium and astrologer on this matter.
    Practicing magicians should really take a look at their natal chart..Pluto/8th rules magic. Sometimes it spells out why certain rituals/spells don't work. Judy Hall has excellent books in karmic astrologer that will help you understand why things are set up in your life the way they are.

  3. I was always taught that "karma" was simply being caught in causes and effects that we couldn't (or refused to) see for ourselves. Steal something, and your likelihood of being arrested on your way out the door goes up. Karma. You don't fall down stairs later or some other such nonsense.

    As magicians we could view ourselves as "lords of karma", not only because we're devoted to taking control of our life situation, but also because we're figuring out how the hell we got into our situations in the first place.

    So yeah, worrying about karma in the mundane sense is pretty useless.