Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update and Miscellaneous Stuff

I've been continuing with the practice of dressing myself with a daily anointing oil that I mentioned at the end of my post titled 'Maintenance As A First Step'.  It seems to be working so far, and the light I set for general success and wellbeing a week ago kicked everything off nicely.

What's even better is that the component oils that went into my anointing oil seem to work wonderfully together. I never got this kind of result when I regularly anointed myself with the FWoP and Uncrossing oils.  Honestly, I think it's the VanVan that does it.  Not only does it provide a barrage of good things, it empowers other things.

In other news, in my cycle of the Strategic Sorcery course, we recently covered tools as part of the lesson series on materia.  Rather serendipitously, a friend of mine suddenly had a staff he wanted to give me.  He gave me his own tips on materials to use for its empowerment, and upon research they made sense!  Once I do its consecreation, I'll post it here.

Without going into detail as to why I needed or wanted some, I recently went through the process of obtaining graveyard dirt.  I did it in a traditional way.  I went to a cemetary equipped with some whiskey and three pennies.  I stopped in the midst of the graveyard and asked aloud if there was anyone willing to help me with the nature of the work I wanted the dirt for.  I felt drawn to the area around a particular headstone.  Once there I dug out some dirt, placed the pennies and whiskey, and covered it back up with some grass.  Then I used Jason's offering technique with those as the physical basis.

After doing that I got an impression that I could have taken more than the single handful I took.  It was almost like I got a reaction of generosity after the offering!  But what I took is all I will need for now.

In the near future, I will be doing an uncrossing on someone else.  I'm going to do it differently this time, as I don't think the person involved would want to do the typical spiritual bath like I did.  I'm going to do an egg cleansing, similar to what I saw on Momma Starr's site.  I'm also thinking of including hand and feet washing.

TL;DR - Daily anointing is EFFECTIVE! I got a staff and some graveyard dirt! I will do a different uncrossing in the near future.


  1. Do you have plans over the next six months or so, of where you hope to be with magic?


  2. I do! :)

    First and foremost, I plan on using magic to help me get my finances under control and get me in the green, so to speak. Then I will likely use it to help me land a better job.

    Meanwhile, on a more spiritual level, I'm going to try to attain the Supernatural Assistant, as talked about by Rufus Opus.