Friday, July 8, 2011

Confound my Memory!

See, I have this thing where I forget stuff.  Like in my last post, for example, where I mentioned doing back-to-back ritual.  Apparently, I forgot to mention the second ritual I did.

After the conjuration ritual wherein I summoned Gabriel, once everything was done and I dismissed him I moved on to do another ritual.  This one was to summon the forces of elemental Earth and Uriel to consecrate the earth oil I made.

It goes something like this:

  1. Opening by performing the Universal Center, Pillar, and the Invocation of the Agathodaimon.
  2. Zone Offering followed by casting the circle of protection.
  3. Placed the earth oil on the Table of Practice used in angel conjuration.
  4. Invocation of the powers of Earth:  "In the name of IAO, by the Spiritus Mundi, I call upon the powers of the living earth!  Forces of form and solid stability, hear my call and come to me.  Archangel URIEL, O Light of God, descend here now, I pray, and lend me your aid.  Lay your hands upon this vial of oil in consecration.  Imbue it with the powers of elemental Earth.  May it convey prosperity and protection, health and healing, form and function.  May those living beings anointed with it have the forces of earth positively integrated into their own Spheres.  May this oil be blessed, in the name of IAO.  So mote it be."
  5. Sat and chanted the Song of the Serpent until I felt a good flow of power, and released it into the oil via the Triangle of Manifestation gesture.
  6. Gave offering to the powers of earth.
  7. Dispersed the circle.
  8. Universal center.

And also?  Alliterations are fun!

I'm going to wear the oil and also practice elemental meditations taught in Strategic Sorcery to aid the integration of the elements into my sphere.

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  1. Oh nifty! Thanks for sharing. I gots me ideas what to do with that template. :)