Thursday, July 7, 2011

Further Angel Meeting Notes

When I posted earlier, I forgot to mention the materia that I have involved with my evocation efforts.

When I evoked Uriel, at one point he basically said to me, "You know that Earth Oil you've made before?  Make some and call me to consecrate it.  Afterward, wear it for a while.  This will help with integration of these forces into your sphere."

I, being a lazy-ass (a negative earth quality), have not made it yet.  I think I will tonight.

In addition, in a recent post I mentioned that I made Abramelin Oil.  The other night when I evoked my Genius, I asked him to lay his hands in consecration of the oil.  I'll use it in conjunction with nightly prayer and weekly conjuration in my efforts to achieve the Knowledge and Conversation.


  1. Hmm what time did you use for evoking your Genius? Solar?

  2. I actually didn't use a particular time. During a future conjuration, however, I will time it to align with the Sun, whether it's in the form of the classical planetary hour, or with the Sun directly overhead.