Friday, July 8, 2011

New Awesomeness and Doing What They Say

Thanks to Mr. John Santos, I am now following another blog.  Check out The Digital Ambler's blog.  It is fantastic when it comes to Hermetic practices!  He's really entertaining to read, too!

In other news, I made the Elemental Earth oil last night.  I decided on a small vial of it, as I only plan on using temporarily.  After this, I did back-to-back ritual.

First I conjured Gabriel of Elemental Water.  At first I perceived him clearly, but then he sort of just faded out and I could barely get a discernable communication from him.  He seemed to agree to initiate me into the Elemental sphere of water and integrate its forces into my sphere.  At one point I asked what in the earth realm I can do to help the process, and was basically told, "Not much".

Gabriel went on to explain that my nature is rather "Watery" already.  This makes sense, as in the past I discovered that an elemental breakdown of my personality would put water and air as the dominant elements, with water being primary and air being secondary (but not by much).  Gabriel advised simply trying to focus on taking my negative watery and airy traits and turning them around as much as possible.

Afterward, I asked for a sigil to call Gabriel by in his capacity as King of Water, and received one.

I think I'm going to take an extra week between elemental initiations at this point so I can work on further integrating earth and water.


  1. Yeah, a week between each one is best as I understand it. I'll probably work with Uriel either tonight or on Sunday. We'll see!

  2. I initially kept a week between conjuring Uriel and Gabriel. I was thinking two weeks this time before I conjure Raphael.

    However, I'm rethinking that. If I work enough on integrating Earth and Water and just take only a few extra days, I should be good.

    So far the initiations have not caused much crap in my life. In fact, in many ways it's been more benevolent. I especially did not expect it with Earth and Water.