Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meetings With Angels

Since I finished the Wand and the Table of Practice used in Frater R. O.'s "Modern Angelic Grimoire", I've performed two evocations.

The first was of Uriel, Archangel of the Elemental Sphere of Earth.  With the initiation and integration of the elemental spheres, I'm mostly going off of very educated guesswork based on the Modern Angelic Grimoire (hereafter referred to as the MAG) and Frater R.O.'s writings on his blog.  There was a change to the lamen that I made, something I had to leave out until a later time.  It's cases like this where I really wish I could afford R.O.'s Black Work course, because I'm really diggin' 'dis neo-platonic stuff!

The procedure for evoking spirits via the system in the MAG is very simple and straightforward.  Surprisingly, after calling Uriel, I noticed a change around me.  Things were...closer?  Not hotter or smothering...but it's more like I felt really, really physical.  My senses were not enhanced, but it felt like everything was more solid.  Even the air seemed to take on a weightier, solid feel.  The forms of everything around me was more distinct.

As for Uriel himself (itself? I take a Neil Gaiman view on angels), I found him rather amenable, not dark like I've heard of him before.  He was frank and down-to-earth...all the things I would expect of a spirit related to elemental earth.  Unfortunately, my scrying skills are not completely up to par.  After I asked Uriel to give me initiation and integration of elemental earth, there was some ambiguity in my perception although he did seem to agree to it.

When I thanked and dismissed Uriel, as soon as I was done, another change happened.  That close, weighty feeling dispersed, although the sensual perception remained for a little bit.  Since I did that evocation, there have been some earth-related challenges that have come my way, but I knew they were coming before the evocation, so I don't think they were a side-effect.  However, I have been good at dealing with them, and have had tiny bits of help along the way.

The other evocation was of my personal Genius.  Through the "Genius and Evil Daimon Calculator" on Frater Acher's downloads page, I found out the likely name of mine.  Using this and instructions for conjuring spirits on R.O.'s blog, I constructed the lamen, but otherwise performed the evocation as given in the MAG.  I can't remember some of the conversation, but my Genius did appear.  I ended up getting a sigil from it to place on the lamen (which I forgot to do with Uriel).

After I requested that it facilitate the knowledge and conversation of my HGA, it told me to conjure it again in 3 days.  So, come Friday, that's what I'll be doing!


  1. So it begins! I just posted about my Jupiter Gate rite from last week. :) I hope to do another Uriel evocation soon to get the initiation.

    BTW, something I've been lax on myself, but once you start working on attaining K&CHGA don't forget about the personal Genius.

    While the HGA may be your direct conduit to help transcend the influence of Fortune and your natal chart, the Genius is directly responsible for making sure what happens in your chart unfolds correctly and can help you understand it and harness its good parts.

  2. I'm going to read that post as soon as I get done with this comment! :)

    It was strange, though. I thought Uriel would deny me, giving me something to accomplish as he did with you. Instead, he seemed...hesitant. It was almost as though he was on the fence about giving me the initiation. But I wasn't sure if that was my own doubts or actually him. That's where my perceptions were ambiguous.

    Thanks for the advice regarding the Genius, by the way. I'll keep working with it and also conjure it to help with the things you mentioned. Good advice, Unlikely!

  3. And oh Ocean in case you are interested, here's a friend on a Trithemius route to the HGA too :)

  4. Thank you so much, John!

    His "Designs" tab is especially great, because it includes the exact lamens I was going to use when it came time to start conjuring the planetary angels!

  5. Indeed :) very convenient :D

  6. Hi Ocean, thanks for sharing, I'm enjoying your blog. Would you mind to mention which seals you used for the elemental archangels? I mean, from where you got them? Thanks.