Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The uncrossing operation done on my roommate has been an enlightening experience in a rather particular (and for me, particularly amusing) way.  See, my roommate has always been fascinated by fictional magic and witchcraft, and has been open to the idea of working magic in real life.  However, passing interest and the classic "candle magic as a cathartic tool" exercise have usually been the extent of his interest in real-life magic, even though he is if nothing else open-minded.

So when I offered to do an uncrossing on him, he accepted and went along with it.  It could be due to the fact that I've always practiced magic alone, but during the workings his role was basically to sit there, maybe carve the candle, and have the operation worked on him.  After the working on the second day, I followed up with him about his experience with the operation thus far and its effect, if any.  His response was, "Well, it's all very pretty...but it's kinda boring."

I was by no means offended by his remark.  In fact, I found it quite interesting and talked to him about it some more.  Even though I annoyed myself by going into explanation mode, I gained some insight from that short discussion.  My roommate's point of view on it being boring, he explained, comes largely from the fact that religion in general bores the hell out of him.

That discussion got me thinking a little bit.  See, there are a lot of reasons more people don't practice magic.  Some are morally opposed to it.  For some, the study and effort to cultivate the skills needed just doesn't agree with them, so they'd rather have it worked for them.  Maybe they dip a toe in here and there.  Still others are afraid it will really work well, and some just straight don't believe in it.  Despite all the reasons, I felt like there was one more common one that I was missing, and I think my roommate hit on it.

Despite the pretty trinkets and candles, the flowery speeches and invocations...the baseline acts of magic are, well...kind of boring, anticlimactic.  I guess I can liken it to one of those cases where it's one thing to experience it, but when you're just watching it...booooring!  It's easy to understand why that would be: someone simply watching would not see the mental, energetic and spiritual processes going on right in time with the physical actions.  They wouldn't feel the emotions and intent put forth through the invocations, and wouldn't feel the subtle shift in their minds afterward.  On top of that, you get through all those invocations, speeches, actions, etc, and then...what?  You have a lit candle on an ornate table, perhaps.  Or you are seen to stare into a black mirror for over 30 minutes apparently conversing with...thin air?

I can't believe I never realized that before now!

But what should be done about it?  To be honest, I don't think a lot can be done.  I guess what I would do when working with a client is to get them as involved as they are comfortable with.  When prepping a candle for them, have them carve it and hold it for a while impressing their intent on it.  Talk to them while you're doing a bulk of opening work and invocations.  Let them know what's going on.  It can be fun, or at least involving.

And of course, magic is far from boring to me!  ;-p

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