Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uncrossing Another: Follow-Up

Last night concluded the third day of my roommate's uncrossing.  I did improve my technique with the egg cleansing, and it went very well.  One interesting thing I noticed is that this time the 4" offertory candle had a flame that was large for that size of candle, and it burned down faster than normal.  I know the traditional meaning of such an omen, which is why I find it so interesting.  I ended up taking it to mean that a large amount of power was being spent on the intent because the condition had already broken (ie There was nothing to break so the spell was just burning out).

Later on I did a pendulum divination and tarot card reading to see if he was still under any crossed conditions.  I used a tarot spread that I created, as far as I know (which I will detail on here soon enough).  When asked "Is (the name of my roommate) under any crossed conditions?" the pendulum seemed confused, and then eventually swung to indicate "No".

The tarot card reading basically gave the same answer, but also advised that he's recovering and is well-fortified now.

So, the uncrossing with the egg cleansing?



  1. Congrats!

    I've got a business success ritual I'm whipping up. Details coming in a few days!

  2. Thanks for the updates, it's very informative and I enjoy your blog.


  3. Hi Ocean

    I see you've asked the tarot by a crossed condition. Some say that obviously this is determined by the card of the Devil, and others by the Magician, what do you think?. Sorry for the query, but your article has opened this question for me.