Friday, May 13, 2011

Empowering the VanVan

The post just before this one displayed the recipe I used to make my own VanVan oil, but I’d like to go ahead and post about how I empowered it.  From what I’ve read and researched of conjure, it seems that the common way to empower oils (or anything else for that matter) is to pray over it.  Going with a method more in line with Strategic Sorcery, I also add in energy work.  For the prayers and invocations themselves, I tend to draw from more Pagan-oriented sources.  Those who read this blog regularly would have noted my use of material from the Greek Magical Papyri in workings described in previous posts.  All in all, I take (what I hope is) an eclectic approach that is responsible and syncretic.

One thing I think I should note is that I took an approach inspired by Dhr. Balthazar while empowering this oil (I seem to be drawing inspiration and quotes from him a lot lately).  In his post about how he made his All Things Under My Feet condition oil, he lays out how he empowered it.  I used the technique of fixing three candles and setting them around the oil to lend their fire (and thus power) to it.

With all that said, on with the technique!

1. Universal Center
2. Pillar Exercise
3. Invocation of the Agathodaimon
4. Invocation/Empowerment - For this, I drew from the Greek Magical Papyri again, specifically PGM V. 459-489, as given in Stephen Flowers’ book ‘Hermetic Magic’.  It’s a general magical invocation, and according to Flowers’ version, the magician would state the magical effects they desired at the end of it.  While reciting it, I made the Triangle of Manifestation gesture over the bottle of oil, drawing power from the Pillar, patterning it to the purpose of the oil.  At the end of the invocation, I added the following:

“Lay your blessing upon this oil.  Consecrate it and grant it powers thus:
That it shall drive away evil;
That it shall break any ill spell and remove any baneful condition;
That it lay down a mantle of protection;
That it open all roads and avenues to success;
That any amuletic or talismanic object touched by it will be made more potent;
That it draw love and affection, lust and romance;
That it bring plenty, abundance, prosperity;
That good fortune and serendipity are its blessings to give.
So shall it be.”

Of course, at the conclusion of the whole thing, I pushed the energy into it.  After this, I took a hand-torn square of brown paper and wrote the above portion of the invocation on it, setting it under the bottle of oil.
5. Setting Lights Around The Oil - Using the VanVan oil, I anointed and fixed three white tealights to lend power to the oil.  Then, I set them around the oil in a triangle formation, and it each one, going clockwise.  I let these burn down around the oil, chanting the Song of the Serpent for a little while before leaving them to burn.

After the candles burned out, I checked the oil and could tell it was most definitely ready!  There was a tingle to it between my hands, and it has seemed to have a positive effect on me everytime I’ve worn it so far.

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