Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintenance As A First Step

It was a hard thing to accept when I realized that clearing away my crossed condition was only just the beginning of my efforts toward using magic to help get my life back to where I want it to be.  The mistake I made was in thinking that the crossed condition was the main thing wrong in my life.  Now, however, I know that a crossed condition prevents you from making things better in any lasting way.  Any problems in specific aspect of your life might remain.  The uncrossing simply helps render you able to change those things.  With that lesson learned, I’m ready to take action.

First thing’s first: Spiritual hygeine.  Some time ago I made a post on spiritual cleansing, wherein I mentioned that I planned to keep a regular schedule of cleansings backed up by minor cleansings during the week.  Aside from a few slip-ups and forgetful periods, I’ve been keeping to that for the most part.  The regular cleansing is detailed in the aforementioned post, but I’ve never detailed any of the minor cleansings.  Here is the main one I use, quoted from Dhr. Balthazar at Gnostic Conjure:

“My favourite simple and pleasant quickie cleanse is to splash some florida water on my hands and then sweep my hands over my limbs brushing the mess away. You can do each arm, over your head, down the front and back of your torso and down your legs - very briskly and with conviction. Remember to firmly brush the mess away from you. Some people clap behind each leg and the back to finish it off. You can do this before and after reading, spiritual work or whenever you feel it is called for.”

And that’s the technique I commonly use now, often chanting the “Hekate & Helios” cleansing prayer I detailed in ‘Uncrossing: Part 3’.  As with Mr. Balthazar, this method has quickly become my favorite.  Afterward I usually anoint myself with some kind of condition or dressing oil.

Speaking of condition oils, anointing is another thing I’ve incorporated into my practice.  Basically, I anoint myself with a good condition oil at least once a day.  I started out using my own blend of VanVan oil, but then I found a nice little tidbit from Momma Starr at Old Style Conjure:

“I like to mix a couple of different condition oils together. This makes a powerful dressing oil that should be used daily.  Over the years I have learned that it is best to dress yourself daily from the bottom of your feet coming upward; than it is to wait until something happens. You should get into the habit of doing this after your nightly bath. I like to mix fiery wall of protection, uncrossing and money drawing oil together. I use this nightly to dress my feet and body after my shower.”

Inspired by this, I made an oil blend of my Uncrossing, Fiery Wall of Protection, and VanVan oils.  Every morning, I dress myself with the oil in a manner similar to what Momma Starr described, saying a short prayer as I do so.  I’ve also taken to doing this after the regular and minor cleansings.  So far I have not been disappointed!

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