Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uncrossing Another

Back when I uncrossed myself, I was concerned about the possibility of some remnant of the crossed condition passing to my roommate.  In the wake of the working, events transpired that led me to take stock of his situation and follow up with divinations.  After all was said and done, it turned out that he was indeed suffering under a crossed condition.  But contrary to my fears, it was not caused by fallout from my uncrossing.  I won't go into details about what my divinations reported as the cause, because I have very little information and it ties back into my own uncrossing.

I guessed (correctly) that my roommate wouldn't really want to do the full process that I used before, namely the spiritual bath.  He was cool with the rest of it, though, so I decided to use a technique I've heard a lot about previously: The Egg Cleansing.

Momma Starr talks about it on her site, and the technique seems pretty easy and adaptable.  We're on the second day of my roommate's uncrossing, and I can tell it's been working so far.  Here is the technique:

Egg Uncrossing

  1. I began as I usually do with my workings: the Universal Center, the Pillar exercise, and the Invocation of the Agathodaimon.  By doing this I become centered, connect to Ouranic ("Heavenly") and Chthonic ("Earthly") sources of power, and then call on what is essentially my Angel.
  2. Next I establish a Zone.  In this case, I make an offering to the spirits of the area, asking them to vacate.  Then, I do a banishment of the area and follow it with casting the Adamantine Temple, a Zone Rite (read, type of circle casting) taught by Jason Miller in his Strategic Sorcery course.  Normally one would do this over just the working area, but I did it over the entire apartment.
  3. With the Zone established, I do an invocation of Hekate and Helios.  For Hekate, I use an invocation by Jason Miller.  For Helios, I use the first half of a deliverance prayer in the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM I. 195-222).
  4. I give an offering to Hekate and Helios.
  5. Next comes the candleburning.  This time I decided to go with 4" offertory candles that are black instead of white.  Black has connotations of protection and jinx-breaking, so I thought I would experiment.  Since this work was for my roommate and he was sitting right next to me, I gave him the candle and had him carve his name from base to tip on one side, and the word "Uncross" on the other side in the same direction.  After handing it back to me, I dressed the candle from base to tip with Uncrossing Oil.  Then I took a few minutes to channel Ouranic power from the Pillar into the candle, patterning it to uncross as I did so.  Then, I set it in its holder, held my hands over it in the Triangle of Manifestation gesture, and recited the rest of the prayer from PGM I. 195-222, re-worded slightly to specifically deliver him from his crossed condition.  Finally, I lit the damn thing!
  6. With the candle burning, I took a pinch of Uncrossing Incense and sprinkled it on the charcoal block in my censer (I did mention lighting one of those already, right?).  Once that started smoking, I had my roommate stand up and I wafted the smoke around him.  With that done, I had him go lie down on the couch while I did the next step.
  7. Time to consecrate the egg!  I took a normal grocery-quality egg I left out until room temperature, and wafted it through the smoke of the incense.  Then, holding it and channeling more Ouranic power from the Pillar, I consecrated it with these words, "By the name of the most high, IAO, I consecrate this egg to the purpose of uncrossing.  May it draw out sickness and evil.  May it draw out, lift, and break all baneful conditions.  May it lift all crosses. This I charge, in the name of the most high, IAO."  I puncuated this by anointing the egg with uncrossing oil.
  8. Taking the egg and a clean glass of water over to where my roommate lay, I proceeded to make small crosses in the air a little above him.  While doing so I chanted a cleansing prayer to Hekate and Helios by Jason Miller, re-wording it slightly to be appropriate for use with an egg (the original refers more to a spiritual bath).  In this case, I forgot the exact instructions from Momma Starr and did not make three passes with the egg!  I guess this is an "Oops" situation, but so far it hasn't seemed to cause a detriment.  But since there is one day left of this 3-day operation, I will be able to do it right the last time.  Once I had done the front, I had him turn over and I did the back side, focusing on the back of his neck.  With that done, I cracked the egg open into the glass of water and let it sit for a bit before I took it to the bathroom and flushed it all down the toilet.
  9. Before beginning this operation, I mixed up another small bottle of the daily anointing oil I've been using everyday.  After all the other steps in the working, I had him dress himself with the oil.  Specifically, I had him anoint his feet, wrists, heart, crown and the back of his neck.

And that was it.  Afterward, I cleaned up, thanked the deities, and took down the Adamantine Temple.  After this I did a spiritual cleansing on myself and dressed myself with my daily anointing oil.

Early on, my divinations told me that only three days were needed, and so that's the length of the operation.  Today is the third day, and will be completed tonight.  So far I've seen signs of improvement, two of them pretty drastic...but I'm still skeptical.  Immediately following this uncrossing, I'll work some protection on him and them some road-opening.

On top of helping my roommate like this, another friend of mine approached me asking for help with drawing more fans and listeners for her music.  So far I'm thinking of a combination of attraction work and compelling work...


  1. Awesome again. :)

    The follow-up practices are something that I've forgotten to do after my own uncrossing. I've been slammed so hard into the 'strategic' side of my practice that I'm not doing much 'sorcery'. Fodder for another blog post I think!

  2. Thanks, man!

    One thing I learned the hard way after my uncrossing is that life won't stop being life. An uncrossing will resolve excess bad luck and render you able to make lasting positive change in your life.

    But it won't generate a positive condition for you.

    That's one reason I've been doing the daily anointing and the occasional setting of lights on my name. A good daily anointing oil combo I use right now consists of equal parts Uncrossing, Fiery Wall of Protection, and VanVan. The best part about this combo is that the VanVan will actively boost the other two! :)