Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hail Columbia

I'm not going to link to it, but there is a project by a group of Apostolic Christians with the aim of using prayer across a particular succession of states ending with DC, to dethrone the goddess Columbia and turn our nation into a Christian Nation with all the tyranny they envision for it.  I haven't seen much effective action from other pagans and/or magicians and sorcerers, but today I found an awesome prayer to counter the prayers this group is using.  I was going to take action every night to counter them, but hadn't done so yet as I felt I had no direction.  But now I know there are a lot of others who are working on countering this.  So, with a slightly altered version of the prayer I found, I'm going to set about countering their efforts every morning for the rest of the DC40 project.  Here is the text of the prayer, from The Burrow Murmurs:

They pilfer the blood of the Lamb,

the stain of the crucifixion,

to imbue the tips of their arrows and cast them wide at the hearts and souls of Her children.

May they instead fall at our feet, the blood of the sacrifice returned to nourish fertile ground.

For I am of this land born.

The blood and spirit of Her first people, our Founding Fathers, and revolutionaries courses through my veins.

My heartbeat is the drum resounding across a land that broke the back of tyranny.

Let them come.

Let them exhaust themselves with their efforts.

Let theirs be as futile an assault on Liberty as a young child’s tiny fists.

Let it be the fitful struggle of a child that would beat upon the breast of his mother all while Her arms encircled him.

Nothing more.

Hail Columbia, and cry Liberty!

Hail Columbia, and cry Liberty!

Hail Columbia, and cry Liberty!

So mote it be brothers and sisters.


  1. I'm not sure if you follow Polyphanes, but he had a similar post recently where he linked to where one can buy small, alter-size statues of Columbia made from the marble of the capitol building. Fuck yeah magical links!

  2. Actually, his post is what prompted me to look into the DC40 project and think about helping to counter it. One reason it scares me is because they are essentially using their own version of sorcery and related symbols. They know what they're doing. Our country is in enough trouble as it is without these assholes trying to make things worse under the mistaken notion of making things into what THEY think is better.