Thursday, October 27, 2011

Initiation to Mars

This week I decided to continue the series of initiations into the Planetary Spheres by evoking the archangel Kammael and asking him for initiation into Mars and integration of its forces into my own sphere.

Initially I attempted the ritual on Sunday in the hour of Mars, since astrologically, Mars was in a position less badly aspected than it would be on Tuesday at the appropriate hour.  Long story short, the working failed.  Effects on me, along with a divination, indicated little success.

So I repeated the working yesterday, as it was the day of Mars.  This time, when I summoned Kammael, the air around me seemed to fill with the subtle influence of the archangel.  He showed up similarly to the way he did previously, but more regal.  In fact, he showed up looking similar to the picture to the right.

I definitely had different sensations during the work last night than I did during the previous rite.  During the attunement, I kept getting these dream-like sequences concerning things and people I know...but all based around themes ruled by mars.  After the ritual...ugh.

I say “Ugh” because I hate it when I get like that, and I haven’t gotten like that for quite some time.  I was surly, a bit brazen, and full of attitude.  I was confident, which is something I want...but it was to the point of almost being a bit egotistical.  That effect (thankfully) chilled out by the end of the night, especially when I went to perform the LBRP because that state had irritated me THAT much.  However, I didn’t actually do the LBRP...I just did the Qabalistic Cross.  As soon as I finished doing that...the Martial force in me calmed down, so I saw no need to continue with the rest of the LBRP.

Since then, I’ve been more confident and have felt more forceful, but it hasn’t been anything ostentatious.

I’ll be working on initiation into the sphere of the Sun this Sunday.

And coming up...inspired by The Unlikely Mage’s recent success, I will post about practical magics I’ve done to help with my work situation. In addition, I’m revisiting the notion of using a sigil web to help with my multi-faceted financial goal (which I will also post about soon).


  1. good stuff, i've been busy myself with invocations. glad to see you're back at it after getting settled in.

  2. could you please share where you got this whole idea of initiations into elemenary/ planetary forces? I am very interested myself and I need more info. Thanks.

  3. belketre, I actually got the idea from Rufus Opus. The best that I would suggest would be to browse through his entire blog, especially the older stuff:

    For the general paradigm work with in these initiations, check out his "Neoplatonic Basics":

  4. Oh, also belketre, for info on the technique itself, check out Rufus Opus' ebook "A Modern Angelic Grimoire":

    For information on what THAT book is based on, check this out:

  5. thank you for the information!
    i am aware of rufus opus, last week I got his grimoire, yesterday in fact i made the table of practice. But I was hoping to understand the planetary initiations thing a but more. I guess he must expand a lot on this in his courses, but i leave that for another time. I just started the SS course..

  6. No problem! :)

    I would definitely suggest reading RO's Neoplatonic Basics. There is some good info in there.

    Basically, the way I would describe the planetary and elemental initiations, is like getting an attunement to each of those powers. In the process it is balanced more in your own personal "sphere", and puts you another step further along the great work.

    Admittedly, it is theurgic work, and I try to work more on thaumaturgical and sorcerous stuff...but then again the initiations can be seen as macro-enchantments that aid you generally while you do micro-enchantments in your life. ;)

  7. I just finished reading the NP basics and all I can say is WOW. I ve been missing some very important stuff. Some pieces of this work came as revelation. So lets get to work.
    Thank you and also to St Cyprian for guiding me thus. see here:

  8. The immediate jump to "ugh" sends up a few red flags, for me. In my experience, at least, when we successfully invoke a particular power and immediately feel uncomfortable with it, it's a sign that we're stuck in an antagonistic viewpoint and still have issues that need working out under the guidance of the archangel.

    For me it was Water. Sure, I wanted better intuition, and to an extent I got it, but holy *fuck* did it make me uncomfortable. And if I had never asked *why* some of the aspects of Water were like nails on a chalkboard to me, I might have ignored the dissonance and missed out on some valuable lessons.