Tuesday, October 4, 2011



That sound you just heard was me getting spiritually and mentally smacked upside the head, thanks to this video:

Did you see that?  Did you where she mentioned taking an electronic device to a powerplant and plugging it in directly with no filters or AC to DC conversion?  (Well, she didn't say THAT exactly, but something like it)

In my first post on uncrossing, I mentioned some spells I performed that went WAY awry, to the extent they actually reversed on me.  Some time after I finally recovered from the effects of the last one, I did a conjuration of the spirits involved and practically demanded answers.  This weak, pathetic mortal pretentiously calling himself a name other than the one he was born with went up to two powerful beings and basically said, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT???"

Their response?  "You didn't leave the way open for us to fulfill your request."

Since, mundanely, the avenues were there the whole time for the magic to manifest...their answer confused me and I eventually wrote it off.  Until tonight.

Sometimes you just have to ground the magic in something physical.  Based on what I know and understand now, I think that's what the true purpose of materia is.  I've long since accepted this, ever since I began delving into Sorcery and, more specifically, Strategic Sorcery.  I used to chalk those backfired spells completely up to the crossed condition I was under, but now?

Maybe that condition wasn't all there was to it.  Granted, I think it played a part...but with the spells in question, I was basically plugging into a big power source without going through all the circuits, and now I'm really not surprised that things (namely, me) short-circuited.  But either way thank you, Cara Yowell, for helping me to finally understand an important lesson.


  1. I really have to give credit to Jason for changing some of my long-held (and long-unexamined) feelings on some things. As late as last year, I would have found the idea of offerings in general distasteful, materia and folk-magic superfluous, etc etc etc.

    Of course, that was before I actually tried any of it =p

  2. I was in a similar spot. I found the concept of offerings to beings we are supposed to command to be confusing and odd. But of course, much like you, once I started doing it...it was like turning things around!

  3. This is an excellent reminder. You can't just go to source and expect things to work themselves out. You have to ground the ritual, thats why folk magic works so well.I even read a post by RO stating that the angels asked him to do things akin to hoodoo and folk magic.

  4. I remember him mentioning that as well, and I find it pretty interesting. It makes me wonder where folk magic REALLY came from! ;)

    Of all the things I've learned so far, involving all the levels in my magical endeavors has been one of the best that I've learned from Jason.

  5. Glad to be of service. Having been smacked down many times for being reckless in such matters, I felt it my duty to share.

    Keep posting...your blog is awesome.