Monday, October 10, 2011

Tapping Into Terra

Early on in Strategic Sorcery, Jason advised us to tap into various sources of power.  Among these were the power of the rising and setting sun, the energy of trees, and even the earth's magnetic field.

I obtained some lodestones a few months ago, and haven't really done anything with them since.  This was mostly because, while I am indeed in Strategic Sorcery and we tend to do some interesting, off the cuff things...I've tended to try to be traditional when making and prepping materia drawn from Conjure and other folk traditions.  So, having misplaced my magnetic sand, I didn't use my lodestones because I couldn't "feed" them regularly.

This past weekend I finally got some more magnetic sand...and also found the packet of it I had before!  Now, my lodestones are a bit weak, and I wanted to add some oomph to them via the magnetic I took things a bit further.

While in a cast circle, I drew upon the earth's magnetic field, pulling from the north and south poles.  It was definitely a new and interesting experience and sensation.  I drew on it and pushed it into the sand using the Triangle of Manifestation gesture.

Now I'm looking forward to using my lodestones!


  1. I was just lamenting the lack of a good occult store nearby, wherein I could look for lodestones (which I've never worked with before), when it occurred to me that there's a giant geological society building within a block of my school that sells about every damned rock you can imagine. I can be an idiot sometimes, lol.

    I've been terrible about implementing that particular lesson, though I'm hoping some hiking trips will soon break me of that.

  2. D'oh. I should have thought of this. I have a long-term petition spell using a big stone. Should see what doing this does. :)