Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Was Entertaining

I just came across my old profile from The Witches Voice, and found it entertaining.  I had forgotten that I have a tendency to write like that when I'm feeling a little squirrely:

I spent 10 years practicing Wicca before I realized that I diverged from it. So, I decided to pursue my first love: Magic. Since then I've learned to liquidate my beliefs and have become closer to the Gods. I've done a (OMG!) banishing/warding ritual with a cup of coffee. I've done a worship ceremony to Apollo on the dance floor. I see the world beyond mere "energy". There is information, there are spirits, and there is also Mind. I'm not a Chaote, I'm mostly Hermetic.

The Goddess is alive, and magic is in my fingers. Karma doesn't matter, and I've denounced the threefold law. There is something liberating about letting go of superstitions and then subsequently choosing your own.

And just a warning for EVERYONE: I use good grammar and spelling. Anyone I encounter who doesn't gets docked points. And if they get bad enough, they WILL be put on notice.

Good day!


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  1. Hah, I always find my old writing hilarious. My high-school livejournal (*shudder*), old "about me" sections of various profiles, hell, even posts I made a few months ago can sound alien to me.