Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update or How I Empowered My High John Oil

All kinds of recent events and happenings have had me somewhat absent from my usual online presence here on my blog, on forums I frequent, and on social networking.  In short, it's been related to finances.  In response to it all, I've been a lot more magically active, implementing financial magic to get my life back to where I want it.

For starters, I've been working on several condition oils, including High John oil, which I mentioned in a previous post.  At the time, I was still working on making the oil itself, and so I didn't go into how I was going to empower it.

As I often have, I went with a spell from the Greek Magical Papyri.  This one is rather simple, from PGM VII 1017-1026:

"Hail, Helios! Hail, Helios! Hail, Gabriel! Hail, Raphael! Hail, Michael! Hail to the whole Universe! Give me the authority and power of Sabaoth, the strength of IAO, the success of ABLANATHANALBA, the might of Akrammachamarei.  Grant victory, for I know the names of the Good Daimon, HARPON CHNOUPHI BRITATEHNOHPHRI BRISAROUAZAR BASEN KRIPHI NIPTOUMI CHMOUMAOHPHI (XXXXX).  Grant me victory, as I have summoned you, and accomplish this for me."

The "(XXXXX)" near the end was the name of my Genius.

I simply prayed the spell over the oil at least 3 times a day for 3 days, leaving it sitting on a handwritten copy of the spell in between prayer.

There will be more to come on the financial magic I've been doing.  At this point it has mostly been candle spells, but forthcoming operations include spirit summoning, creation of a talisman, and creation of a spirit bottle.  Funny, that just happens to cover two homework assignments in Strategic Sorcery that I have yet to hand in.  ;)


  1. The PGM always has the best barbarous names. So fun to say, but so hard to memorize!