Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out of the Blue

Just a quick update with two things.

First, I revamped the look of my blog.  I wanted something lighter and, in my opinion, easier to read.

The second thing is something I'm not so sure I should post, for fear of sounding crazy.  See, although my current path encourages work with spirits equally with energy, mind, etc...long-term exposure and agreement with rationalist viewpoints causes me to still be a tad skeptical of talking to spirits and other such occurrences.

So last night, when I had a spirit approach me after my regular offering...I didn't know what to think.  At the conclusion of the offering, I got a clear and assertive psychic/spiritual impression that amounts to, "Hey, you!  Excuse me!  I need to talk to you right now!"  Thanks to meditation I've gotten a bit better at discerning my thoughts from spiritual communication, so the fact that this caused me to sit back down, roll with it and NOT dismiss it as my imagination playing wish-fulfillment...should say something.

Long story short, he introduced himself as a Mercurial spirit who is an opener of doors and ways, who releases from bondage and promotes motion and flow.  He gave me a name and a sigil to call him by, and although he seemed adamant about helping me, he simply told me to call him when needed.  I tried a couple of times to ask him why he approached me wanting to help, but all I got was basically, "Because I want to, period, and that's all I'm going to say!"

Yeah right, like I buy that.  I kept picking up the sense that this spirit has another motive that's more about him than it is about me.  But, I'll give him a shot and see how things work.


  1. Nice one & don't worry about "thinking crazy" - everyone is abit like that, I'm my worst critic as well.

    Read below as to my recent run-in with entities;

  2. "Because I want to, period, and that's all I'm going to say!" <--- sounds so animeish to me, TSUN-TSUN lol

  3. Mr Black: Thanks for sharing that post. That occurrence with your HGA is indeed very interesting. Personally, I've sporadically been in touch with my Genius, but haven't steadily pursued the HGA yet. But every now and then, I get hints that it's there.

    John: LOL To be honest, this particular spirit had a straightforward, friendly demeanor after he got my attention. The only time he got forceful like that was when I asked about his motives. Strange...

  4. The only times I've ever had this happen with enough clarity that I don't immediately question my sanity is in the few minutes before I fall asleep. Of course, no matter how clear those communications are, I've invariably forgotten 90% of it all by the time I wake up...

    Still, just roll with this guy and see what he can do. You've been going through a decent number of initiations; some spirits can glean some benefit simply from working with someone in our position. Just keep an ear out for odd requests, as always.